Three months after being appointed by President Biden to help solve the border crisis, Vice President Kamala Harris is doing something in the hopes of solving the issue.

On Monday, Vice President Harris will travel to Guatemala.

Of course, the idea of traveling to down there to fix the “root causes” of the border surge is a flawed one, but at least she is finally doing something.

Instead of acknowledging that the Biden administration’s border policies are the main driver of the migration surge, Harris is blaming the climate and the economy.

Fox News reported, “Vice President Kamala Harris’ staff on Sunday insisted that the “main drivers” of the migrant surge to the southern border are climate and the economy – as Harris arrived in Guatemala and after the Guatemalan president blamed the change in U.S. administrations for the crisis.

Harris spokesperson Symone Sanders told reporters that climate and the economy were among the ‘main drivers’ of the surge in migrants that saw more than 178,000 migrants hit the border in April alone – a number that continued a spike in February and March.”

Joe Biden has reversed many of the tough-on-illegal-immigration policies of former President Trump. He has ordered the construction of the wall to cease, is back to catch-and-release programs, and has even said that illegal immigrants should receive government-funded health care.

He has even reinstituted the cages to hold migrant children that he decried Trump for using while on the campaign trail. This should come as no surprise given the fact that the Obama-Biden administration built the cages in the first place.

Or, in the words of Donald Trump: “Who built the cages, Joe?”

That was a rhetorical question, of course. Now President Biden is claiming that these aren’t actually cages but rather much more friendly-sounding “migrant child facilities.”

Those that define words rule the society…and Democrats are really good at redefining terms to suit their needs.

Opening the border to 11 million illegal aliens is especially radical and dangerous, but Biden goes beyond that by opening the border permanently. ICE and Border Patrol will become irrelevant because there will essentially be no border to protect. A country without an enforceable border isn’t a country at all.

If the plan is to garner more Democrat votes, then it is a good one for Biden. Essentially, they are making an implicit deal with these illegal aliens: We—the Democrats—will let you into the country and make you citizens, if you’re willing to vote for us.

As always, Open Borders Joe is putting America last, and those from foreign countries first.

But don’t worry gang, Kamala Harris is swooping in to rescue the situation. Because if there was ever anyone worthy of such a task it is her…

If you believe that, I got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

This is all for show, and nothing productive will come of her Guatemalan trip.

And America’s border will be less safe because of her.