Hey, Canada, what is going on up there?

That was my first thought yesterday upon hearing that the Canadians had reelected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Why? Because the man has proven himself to be the enemy of civil liberties!

He instituted draconian lockdowns during the pandemic, including locking up folks in hotels and other government facilities when they tested positive for COVID, as well as standing by as provinces like Alberta made it a crime to attend church.

To top it all off, during the election cycle, even more photos of Trudeau wearing blackface for as a part of various costumes over the years emerged, bringing the scandal back to the forefront.

But despite the new photos, Trudeau managed to remain in office.

Of course, that isn’t to say that Canadians were completely enamored with Trudeau. Sure, he will remain the prime minister, but he will do so without his Liberal party winning a majority of the votes. They simply won a plurality of the votes, enough to form a minority government.

It is one of the wrinkles of Canada’s parliamentary system. There were no fewer than six parties vying for seats, making it difficult for one party to win the majority of seats, much less a clear mandate to govern.

The Canadian Broadcasting Company reported the following:

“Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has won enough seats in this 44th general election to form another minority government — with voters signaling Monday they trust the incumbent to lead Canada through the next phase of the pandemic fight by handing him a third mandate with a strong plurality.

After a 36-day campaign and a $600-million election, the final seat tally doesn’t look very different from the composition of the House of Commons when it was dissolved in early August — prompting even more questions about why a vote was called during a fourth wave of the pandemic in the first place.

It’s a reversal of fortunes for Trudeau. He launched this campaign with a sizeable lead in the polls — only to see his support crater days later as many voters expressed anger with his decision to call an election during this health crisis. Two middling debate performances by Trudeau and renewed questions about past scandals also put a Liberal victory in question.”

One of the great disappointments of the pandemic has been the willingness of citizens Western countries—which were built upon the foundation of individual liberty—to bend over and abide by draconian mandates.

We have seen it here in many states in the US, and our neighbors to the north have done the same, with only a minority of Canadians voicing their displeasure.

And now the province of Ontario is set to enforce vaccine passports this week, adding to the COVID-1984 dictates of the state.

The CBC reported that “A COVID-19 vaccine passport system kicks in Wednesday in Ontario, requiring people to show proof of vaccination for entry into thousands of non-essential venues across the province.

Restaurants, bars, sports venues, gyms, theatres, cinemas and casinos are among the locations where staff must ask patrons to show certification that they received two doses of an approved vaccine at least two weeks before, along with identification that matches their vaccination document.”

But despite all off these liberty stifling policies, Justin Trudeau and his party will remain in power.

Let’s hope the same fate doesn’t await us here in America in 2022.