See what happens when the Right riots?

We get rowdy ONE time – and DC closes up shop like a hurricane is coming.

When it was announced that the “Justice for J6” rally was coming to DC, Liberals and Leftists went nuts, expecting a much bloodier repeat of the Capitol Riot.

Ted Lieu, the Democrat stooge who stupidly said that Candace Owens (a black woman) shared the racist ideas of Adolf Hitler, made the statement that, “The people who showed up on January 6th and assaulted our Capitol, they’re not heroes. They’re traitors. They’re insurrectionists. And anyone showing up today to support those people also are of the same mindset.”

Here, watch this idiot run his mouth…

They weren’t traitors, Ted…and they weren’t insurrectionists, either. The FBI investigated and found that there was NO pre-existing plan to storm the Capitol building leading up to that day.

The January 6th protesters were angry Americans who were sick of watching their politicians do nothing when it was clear that something fishy was going on with the election.

That being said, anybody that went to the “Justice for J6” rally would have been of THAT mindset. They were sick and tired of seeing the will of the people subverted and the people who protested in January convicted on nonsense charges.

However, even if Lieu’s assessment were correct, it wouldn’t have mattered, because barely 100 people showed up at the event on Saturday.

It could be because Trump himself told people not to go, citing the accepted idea that the whole event was a setup by federal law enforcement. He told his supporters not to go—and they listened.

The rally wasn’t really attended by Trump supporters…

The rally reportedly only brought in about 100-200 people, even when organizers expected around 700-1000—but do you know who DID show up in full force?

The media and the feds.

100 to 200 supporters showed up, behaving peacefully the entire time, and for that the feds erected a fence around the Capitol building, installed security cameras, and closed the offices of Congress members in anticipation of a J6 like riot—and after all that, the rally had fewer people than a typical high school football game.

But the FBI and media? Oh, they were ALL over it – and they all came out looking like a bunch of chumps.

Nobody got rowdy…nobody did anything illegal…nobody really did much of anything– except for the federal agents themselves.

The one arrest that DID take place that day…was of an undercover federal agent.

Video footage from that day show riot police searching the suspect only to find his badge alongside his firearm. The whole incident goes to show you that Trump was right. This rally really was a setup, and the feds couldn’t even keep track of their own undercover agents!

Donald Trump Jr. shared pictures of this undercover fed with his badge, and it was hilarious.

The number of undercover agents that showed up to the rally was astonishing, and one viral image shows just how heavy their presence was.

As if the haircuts, sunglasses, body language, and the fact that they’re a;; drinking from water bottles when lots of other people had alcohol wasn’t enough proof, the HUGE bulge of a firearm in their front pockets was a dead giveaway.

Seriously, look at this…

How ridiculous is that?

This was bad from the word “go.”

Trump supporters were in a lose/lose situation on this one.

If they went to the rally, Ted Lieu and all his Liberal colleagues would lump them in with the January 6th rioters, making them look like enemies of America while pointing a finger at Trump saying, “it’s HIS fault!”

If they hadn’t gone, then they Left would say that the pro-America movement that Trump started was losing steam and then claim credit for stopping what was clearly going to be a terrorist event.

And that’s EXACTLY what idiotic Ted Lieu did. In a tweet to his Liberal followers, Lieu said: “The very small crowd size at the #JusticeforJ6 traitorous rally shows the waning influence of the former President.”

Apparently, Ted missed the part where Trump told people NOT to go.

What an idiot.

How somebody like that can win a seat in public office is beyond comprehension – but what we can take away from this is that Trump was 100% right.

The rally was nothing short of a setup, and not even a good one at that. The fact that the one person who was detained was a government agent lets you know that every Trump supporter who stayed home made the right call.

The Left keeps underestimating Trump…and that’s why they’re going to lose in the end.


“Listening can make the difference between a mediocre organization and a great one.” – Lee Iacocca