After UK Royal Marines forced US Marines to surrender just two days into a five-day military war games exercise, Senator Hawley had to remind General Milley of his job.

If there is one thing that America has always excelled at, it’s the ways of war.

Fighting is in our DNA…

Even before we were a country, the travels and pioneers who would become the first Americans were already fighting wars on soon-to-be US soil, establishing a tradition that would continue to the present day.

We fought a war to become a country, we fought a war to STAY a country, we fought a war against ourselves to make all men equal, and we fought wars to save the world from evil.

Over the past two centuries, America has become the best in the world at armed combat, and that’s why we’ve been able to keep even our most hateful enemies in check—though at times our controlling grip has been tenuous at best.

Even though the leaders of hostile countries talk tough, no one wants the full force of the United States military raining fire and destruction down upon their heads.

However, something has happened over the past few years: our strength is slipping.

With General Mark Milley entrenched in the position of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, our military has slowly started to succumb to the woke pressures of today’s liberal mindset.

And like everything woke, it’s starting to turn to s**t.

Military Becomes Woke

Gen. Milley is well aware of his “White privilege” and he is dead set on making sure every White soldier under his command is well aware of theirs too. It’s gotten to the point that he has assigned Critical Race Theory reading materials to prospective military recruits, and he’s integrated that philosophy into the training of our soldiers.

But it seems that General Milley has forgotten that his job is to teach our soldiers how to fight, not teach them how to be liberal snowflakes…

And nowhere was that failure made clearer than earlier this week when British Royal Marines humiliated our own US Marines in a war games exercise.

The British soldiers were able to corner our Marines and force a surrender just two days into what was supposed to be a five-day exercise! The Pentagon is trying to spin it, claiming that there was no real “defeat,” but rather a reset of the exercise, and military officials insist that these things happen all the time—but everyone the world over understands the implications of what occurred out at the Twentynine Palms base.

The Royal Marines, along with allied forces from Canada, the Netherlands, and the UAE, destroyed or rendered inoperable nearly EVERY US asset and finished the exercise holding more than 65% of the training area after starting the exercise with less than 20%.

Seeing no opportunity for victory, American soldiers asked for the exercise to be “reset” halfway through the five-day exercise after having taken significant casualties from British commandos.

While a “loss” during training with our allies means an unfortunate embarrassment, we’d be looking at dead soldiers if it were a real-life scenario.

Knowing that, many Americans, including Senator Josh Hawley, find this to be an unacceptable breakdown of America’s standards…especially after the debacle of the Afghanistan pullout.

Hawley Sounds Off

Hawley said, “I mean, here’s my view, Lord, we’ve got the best soldiers, airmen, Marines in the entire world. Our soldiers are amazing warfighters. Let them fight. Train them to fight. Let them do what they do best and stop using the military as a giant social experiment, which is what the left seems to want.”

And it all starts with leadership.

General Mark Milley, while an accomplished soldier, seems to have given over to the softer side of our society and is more concerned with having “nice” soldiers than competent fighters.

This was also pointed out by Sen. Hawley during an appearance on “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox News. Hawley stated that our enemies, particularly China, are probably baffled by our military’s new agenda. “They’re probably wondering why it is that people like General Milley and Secretary Austin spend so much time recommending books on White rage, on critical race theory and are not more focused on warfighting.”

Well, if our enemies are wondering that, then they’re not the only ones. There are plenty of Americans who are wondering the SAME thing.

How can fighting NOT be the focus of our military?

How can our soldiers concentrate on fighting when they’re having to focus on the race of their fellow soldiers and how important that is?

Has it been that long since General Milley and the rest of the Joint Chiefs were in boot camp? When did they forget that color doesn’t matter? The only color a soldier sees is the camouflage of his brother next to him, and that’s the way it should be.

Hopefully, this loss will lead to another “reset”…a reset of the military doing what we’ve done best for hundreds of years: teaching our soldiers how to fight and win.


“The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.” – George S. Patton