Isn’t it weird when somebody with ZERO medical training tries to tell a doctor what they should and shouldn’t do when it comes to general health?

You would think that people would defer to the doctor – the guy that has an education and degree in the science of making people well, right?

Well, you’d be wrong…

As evidenced by what occurred in Tallahassee, Florida.

Florida senator, Tina Polsky, is accusing the state’s new surgeon general, Joseph Ladapo – of refusing to wear a mask during a face-to-face meeting between the two officials.

Polsky made the request due to the fact that she had received a breast cancer diagnosis in August – and will soon undergo radiation to fight the deadly disease…

She said she asked Ladapo to put on a face mask “several times” during their one-on-one meeting earlier this week – something he apparently refused to do.

Polsky Refused To Compromise

She told the outlet that Ladapo offered to conduct the meeting outside the enclosed space, to which she responded: “I don’t want to go outside – I want you to sit in my office and talk to you.”


Why should he acquiesce to her request if she wouldn’t acquiesce to his?

If he was willing to make her feel comfortable by going outside – then she should have taken the opportunity to take him up on his offer – as then both people could be comfortable…

He not wearing a mask – and she not feeling like she was in danger.

She did not…

She pushed the issue and wanted the meeting on HER terms.

When Polsky asked the surgeon general why he was unwilling to wear a mask, she said he simply “smiled and didn’t answer” in response.

“He’s very smug,” Polsky chided. “I told him several times ‘I have this very serious medical condition’ and he said ‘that’s OK’ – like it basically has nothing to do with what we were talking about.”

It was at that point that Polsky says she asked him to leave her office.

As Ladapo left, he allegedly told her, “Sometimes I try to reason with unreasonable people for fun.”

Is he wrong?

Was she being unreasonable?

More Leftist Political Theatre

Of course, she was…

Why should SHE be the only one comfortable in a given situation – if she was scared of COVID and knew he was uncomfortable wearing a mask – she should have split the difference and gone outside to have their meeting.

However, as you’d expect, Ladapo’s version of the meeting was a bit different.

As Department of Health spokesperson, Weesam Khoury, offered a different account of the meeting…

“Dr. Ladapo is committed to meeting with members of the Legislature regardless of their party affiliation to discuss policy, even when they do not agree on the subject at hand,” Khoury said.

“Meetings between highly regarded and intelligent, elected and appointed officials happen all the time, and it is disappointing you don’t hear about them more — but it is probably because the only time they get reported is when a genuine meeting turns into a media headline expected from a gossip column.”

That makes sense…

If I were to venture a guess – Polsky was LOOKING to make an issue that day.

She most likely was looking for a way to make Dr. Ladapo look bad in the press – and so forced the mask issue upon him and refused to compromise to make both parties comfortable.

This is one of the Left’s biggest tricks…

Too bad that people are catching onto it.

Maybe next time she’ll consider taking Dr. Ladapo’s olive branch and meeting in the middle…

Funny, she called him “smug” – but she’s the one that comes off looking like a spoiled brat that needs to have her way.


“Vaccines are up to the person. There is nothing special about them compared to any other preventative measure.” – Dr. Joseph Ladapo