If you are having a rough day and are looking for a joke, I have one for you: Congress thinks they deserve a pay raise.

Told you it was a good one. No setup needed; the punch line was good enough.

Congress Wants to Give Themselves a Raise

Members of Congress currently earn $174,000 a year. However, they think they are underpaid.

They have some nerve to think they deserve a raise.

If they were judged by performance in the private sector, most of them would be in the unemployment line right now.

Politico reported that “House spending leaders want to break a decade long pay freeze and give members of Congress a cost-of-living bump that could pad their salaries with an extra $4,500 next year.”

And of course, it’s not just Democrats who want the pay increase. There are Republicans who support the salary increase.

Of course they do; who would be against raising their own salary if they had the power to do so?

A spokesperson for the House Committee on Appropriations said, “There is strong bipartisan support for these modest inflation adjustments.”

Oh, OK, as long as it is a “modest inflation adjustment.”

These people don’t get it. The American people are sick of the political games and lack of action from members of Congress. Congress has a pathetic 20% approval rating amongst the public.

They are complaining about the cost of living in Washington. D.C. Of course, they never consider that their own policies are responsible for this increase in living costs. Turns out the larger the government, the more government workers are needed. These workers move to the D.C. area, which drives up living costs.

If you have flown into Washington, D.C., lately, you probably noticed the construction cranes that dot the D.C. metro area.

What does D.C. produce? What major industries are causing growth in construction?

Answer: government.

Government jobs — or companies that want to locate close to the capital for lobbying purposes —are causing the growth in construction.

Of course, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is whining about her salary. She has it so rough.

She tweeted, “Members are paid more than avg.-but reqs 2 residences + we can’t take tax deductions for work costs. No one wants to bring up increases, so instead ppl take advantage of insider trading loopholes & don’t close them for the extra cash.”

How brave of her to be the one to bring up the pay increases.

She believes that members of Congress are so poor that they need to resort to insider trading to get by.

It’s hard to be a congresswoman.

What other job can you rack up a $22 trillion debt tab, fail to secure the border, raise the cost of health care, grow the size of the government with no obvious return on investment and get rich for producing nothing of value?

That’s a good gig if you can get it.

No one is making them run for Congress. If they feel they are underpaid, then they should make money the old-fashioned way: Get a real job.

Stop living on the salaries of those who work hard to provide for themselves and their families.

Just a thought.