As it turns out, vaccine manufacturers are working at warp speed to mass-produce effective vaccines for a very high price to the American taxpayer.

Johnson & Johnson revealed on Wednesday the company anticipates grossing $2.5 billion in annual sales for its single-shot COVID-19 vaccine by the end of this year. The projection is based on the company’s second-quarter financial reports.

Chief Financial Officer Joseph Wolk said the company expects to produce 500 million to 600 million doses of its vaccine this year, CNBC reported.

Wolk also added that, overall, Johnson & Johnson earned $12.59 billion in total revenue from all its pharmaceuticals, which is a 17.2 percent year-over-year increase.

Chairman for Pharmaceuticals Jennifer Taubert said most of the company’s businesses are back to “pre-COVID levels,” and they expect it to remain strong regardless of case surges in COVID-19.

It’s time for Americans to face the fact that producing the COVID-19 vaccine is an extremely lucrative business for pharmaceutical companies, government officials, and anyone else who has an investment in it, and anyone raking in profit from this industry is going to continue to push the vaccine on Americans—whether they need it or not.

Since only 49 percent of the U.S. population is fully vaccinated, lawmakers are becoming anxious.

Sen. Mitch McConnell on Wednesday threatened “we’re gonna be back in a situation this fall like what we went through last year,” if more people do not get vaccinated.

“Get vaccinated!,” he urged. “These shots need to get into arms as rapidly as possible.”

It’s easy to understand why Johnson & Johnson to push vaccines, as they make a direct profit, but it’s less clear as to why people like Mitch McConnell would go this far to persuade Americans to get a vaccine for a virus with a 99.9 percent survival rate.

It seems odd and illogical that McConnell, along with many Republicans and Democrats, would push the vaccine this hard. It makes you wonder what’s really going on.

Is the answer simply the age-old money or power? Or is it more nefarious?

We may not know for many years to come, but it’s time to become wary of politicians’ strange push for every American to get the vaccine.