I love punk rock.

Not just the music, but the attitude. Punks have always been viewed as rude, dirty, angry, and a bit dangerous—and as a kid whose most formative years were during the 1980s (which some would call the punk movement’s “second wave”) I was drawn to it.

I was a skateboard kid, and for some reason, we didn’t listen to hair metal bands that the “normal” kids listened to. We listened to the hard, fast, and aggressive music that energized us to attack our sport of choice with all the fervor of a man possessed.

Obviously, there are THOUSANDS of bands out there, but the undisputed kings of the genre were a band called the Sex Pistols.

They weren’t particularly talented when it came to writing or even playing music, but their energy was unrivaled.

Don’t believe me? Check out one of their biggest hits:

Led by their charismatic and incredibly intelligent lead singer John Lydon, who went by the moniker Johnny Rotten, the band lives in infamy till this day.

However, it’s Lydon who is seen as the epitome of the punk rocker more than anybody else. He embodies the spirit of that age—and if that spirit is anything, it’s a rebellion to what is accepted as “normal.”

At its core, punk rock is always contrary to what is popular—and so it should surprise NOBODY that John Lydon, the prototypical punk rocker, sports a “Make America Great Again” shirt and spouts off against the Left’s idea of cancel culture.


In a recent interview, Lydon had a bone to pick with the woke mob that he says is made up of “spoilt snowflakes” with “s**t for brains” and were all but manufactured in the Liberal colleges and universities of our western society.

So, he chose to point out a few uncomfortable truths to them that they’re sure to have a meltdown over.

The 65-year-old singer and icon said, “These people aren’t really genuinely disenfranchised at all; they just view themselves as special. It’s selfishness and in that respect it’s divisive and can only lead to trouble. Where is this ‘moral majority’ nonsense coming from when they’re basically the ones doing all the wrong for being so b****y judgmental and vicious against anybody who doesn’t go along with the current popular opinion?”

            That’s hard to argue with.

A lot of these people aren’t disenfranchised at all. In fact, it could be argued that they are making things up to allow them play the victim in order to get attention.

They don’t really care about people…

They care about the attention the virtue-signaling will get them.

They want to LOOK like they care, but they actually don’t.

Because if they did, they would care more about FREEDOM for others rather than their concept of social justice.

Johnny went on to say, “It’s just horribly, horribly tempestuous spoilt children coming out of colleges and universities with s**t for brains.”

Again…he’s not wrong.

That’s what’s happening here…

And I’m glad a punk icon is the one saying it.

You can bet dollars to donuts that there are millions of people baffled that this man is basically calling people out for what they must have thought he would be ok with.

And I guarantee you…

Johnny gets a kick out of that.


“It’s a repressive society where you can’t be horrible, I’m not horrible, they made me horrible, I’m just honest.” – Johnny Rotten


Editor’s Note:

Dealing with Liberals is exhausting. Understanding their motives is easy: it’s about power—but trying to understand how they don’t see it themselves is angering. No wonder people are cranky these days. Sometimes, we just need a break, both from reality and from the lunacy that the Left loves to push. So, sometimes, we just need to escape…and I just came across something that could help. Now, I don’t know if it would help somebody like Johnny Rotten—but for somebody wound a little less tight, it could be just the ticket. See this at home escape ANYBODY can take advantage of by going HERE.