Famed comedian-turned-podcast-host Joe Rogan announced on Tuesday that he’s made a massive deal with streaming giant Spotify. The multi-year licensing deal, worth reportedly more than $100 million, will make his hit podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” exclusively available to Spotify by the end of 2020.

Not only is this great for Joe Rogan and Spotify, but it’s revolutionary to the podcast industry. Most importantly, this is also a huge deal for conservatives.

A Big Step For The Right

A daunting concern of conservatives of late has been the monopolies held by tech companies who relentlessly work to silence the Right. One of the biggest offenders is Google-owned YouTube. This tech giant has been censoring conservative voices (Steven Crowder’s “Louder With Crowder” podcast being a very notable example) for years via shadow-banning, enforcing arbitrary “community guidelines,” and labeling facts as “hate speech.”

But even once these oppressive policies were brought to light, no one has known exactly what to do about it.

The obvious solution might be to say “hey, if you don’t like it don’t use it.” The problem with that approach is that everyday people deleting their accounts isn’t going to make much of a difference to enormous corporations. An average person canceling a subscription or abandoning the platform is a drop in the bucket to a company like YouTube. It would take an entire sea of people to make any kind of notable impact on the platform and its policies.

But here’s a fact that should be concerning to YouTube: Joe Rogan has 286 million podcast listeners across various platforms. Now that his listeners will soon only be able to access to his show for free on Spotify, which means those viewers won’t be using YouTube.

Returning Power To The People

Furthermore, this is the first major deal of its kind, which is in itself revolutionary. Spotify just broke an unwritten rule and licensed a podcast in the same way singers are signed to a record label or professional athletes get signed to a professional team.

Competitive licensing in podcasts will give more power to the show hosts. They will be able to choose to sign with the highest bidder or go with a platform that best aligns with their values. Either way, this will result in building other platforms up, giving viewers more choice in which one they use. Bye-bye, YouTube.

YouTube currently holds so much power for two major reasons: 1) It is free to viewers, and 2) content creators know YouTube offers the best monetization.

So, if other platforms can make their content free to users and offer better money to content creators like Spotify just did with Rogan, they’re likely to give YouTube a run for their money, reducing their power to control content.

Competition is a beautiful thing.

This Is Only The Beginning

Now of course, on the flip side, YouTube can continue their anti-free speech policies if they want, but it might not be the best move if they want to stay competitive. At the same time, parent company Google is under immense pressure from President Trump. In response to concerns of Leftist control over information and discrimination against conservatives on social media platforms, the president vowed to “remedy this illegal situation” on Saturday.

Joe Rogan’s new deal is a sign of justice prevailing through the magic of a pure free market. It’s just a matter of time before online political censorship meets its end.