Well, it has been four months since Joe Biden was sworn in as president of the United States.

Miss Donald Trump yet?

For all the talk of the Big Bad Orange Man being a mean guy who hurt people’s feelings on Twitter, you have to admit that he was a highly effective president.

Would you rather have a tough but sometimes mean leader, like General Patton or Vince Lombardy, or a meek, grandfatherly figure with no backbone like Joe Biden?

If you are like me, you prefer the former over the latter.

Biden has a spine as strong as a jellyfish. World leaders are walking all over him, whether it be the Mullahs in Iran, hackers in Russia, Hamas in the Middle East, or migrants crossing the border. They all sense weakness in the White House, and they are seizing on the President’s lack of strong leadership.

Biden is a political anomaly. He is both missing in action and also active enough to push mounds of radical policy on the country.

But when tested, Biden isn’t even allowed to field questions from reporters. Even though he is the president, his handlers work for him.

It is embarrassing to watch a man in the sunset years of his life serving in the most demanding and consequential job in the world. The fate of not only 330 million Americans, but those of free people everywhere, depend on his ability to help protect Western Civilization.

Obviously, he isn’t responsible for all the world’s problems, but when he is challenged, he needs to be able to step up the plate and hold the line against those who seek to destroy us and our way of life.

Sleepy Joe is not ready for primetime.

One would think that a man who has been in government for five decades would have the experience to lead the nation through a crisis.

Well, that is, unless that man is a lifetime plagiarist and liar who has somehow had good political luck and ended up in positions of power without any discernable talent other than being seen as a nice, moderate guy who could do us no harm.

Biden was plucked off the ash heap of irrelevance by Barack Obama who selected him to be his vice president, and then benefitted from a pandemic and an abnormal campaign that he could run from his Delaware basement.

He also had the benefit of a media that played defense for him every step of the way. No one dared lay a hand on their chosen candidate, even when they should have.

Add all these variables together, and you get a leader who hasn’t been challenged and is ripe for the picking.

Biden made a deal with the devil by selling his soul to the radical socialist wing of the party, led by Bernie Sanders. If Biden promised to push their radical policies, they would throw their support behind him.

Joe Biden rode this pact to the White House. He was the perfect puppet for the radical Left, because he has been perceived by many as a nice old grandfather figure who was a moderate and was a return to “normalcy.”

He was an empty vessel that the radical Left filled with their Marxist political priorities.

Now the world is going to hell, and Biden is Missing in Action.

A border crisis, a gas shortages, rising inflation, a war in the Middle East, Russian aggression, a bad economy…this is what Joe Biden’s leadership has done to our country.

But, hey gang, at least Biden doesn’t tweet mean things.

To those who voted for Biden for no other reason than they didn’t like Trump personally, I ask: Was it worth it?