I’m done with woke celebrities…

And by done, I mean that I refuse to give them a moment of my time outside of research for informing FreedomWire subscribers.

If they’re in a movie or on a show/podcast, if I’m not on the clock, they don’t get a moment of my time…unless, of course, they do something seriously horrendous.

Over the years, I’ve seen celebrities I used to enjoy go woke and lose a ton of fans in the process—but they still haven’t caught on to the fact that their fanbase isn’t made up of “Left” or “Right” exclusively. It’s made up of both, and when you alienate one half of that equation, your box office numbers are going to drop.

Oh, they’ll blame everything from lack of promotion to racism and sexism for any failed projects, yet they’ll never turn that finger back towards themselves or their stupid and divisive remarks on political issues.

If you look at the Marvel Studios films, the worst-performing outing by far was 2019’s “Captain Marvel.” The movie itself was pretty good…however, the star, Brie Larson, basically alienated half of Marvel’s audience with her woke BS.

See, it wasn’t the movie that bombed; it was the fact that Larson destroyed Marvel’s ability to make money with her words and antics.

Well, in light of that…

Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel should be careful because his wokeness has gotten out of control too.

Jimmy Kimmel: The Worst Hollywood Has To Offer

I don’t know what his ratings are…

I don’t know what time his show is on…

I don’t even know what channel he’s on right now…

The only thing I know is that this guy needs one of two things: either a reality check or a knock upside the head.

A few weeks ago, he “debated” Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow, a man that has accomplished and experienced more in the past 12 years than Jimmy Kimmel could hope to do in a lifetime.

While Kimmel was condescending and rude the entire time Lindell was in the chair, Mike handled himself well (and in many people’s opinion made Kimmel look like a fool).

But it was Kimmel’s smug attitude that truly makes him one of the worst that Hollywood has to offer.

Kimmel is a Leftist is the truest sense of the word, accepting everything that the Democratic Party hands him—even when it’s as irrational as defunding the police or calling the January 6th riot an “insurrection”.

The fact that Kimmel has a job with his history of doing “black face” is baffling. By his own side’s standards, he should have been fired YEARS ago.

However, he toes the party line almost as well as the cackling hens on “The View,” so he gets a pass…

Even though he may have just given us a look into the TRUE Jimmy Kimmel, the one that Conservatives always knew as real: a bigot who tries to disguise himself as a compassionate celebrity.

Kimmel’s Secret Bigotry

He recently did a monologue in which he criticized former Olympian and current California gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner for his take on why so many people are leaving the Golden State for greener (and FREER) pastures.

In the video clip, Jenner talks about a conversation with a citizen who is leaving due to the number of homeless people overrunning California.

In the ULTIMATE display of hypocrisy, Kimmel mocked Jenner’s take on the “the plight of everyday Californians here in L.A.,” just because the interviewee happened to be wealthy.

So, Kimmel does what Kimmel does best…

He makes fun of people in a mean-spirited way.

“Is it transphobic to call a trans person an ignorant a-hole?” Kimmel asked. “Or does calling that trans person an ignorant a-hole — even though she happens to be a trans person — show that we don’t discriminate against ignorant a-holes, no matter their gender orientation? It’s a tough one. I don’t know. I guess we’ll let the Internet decide tomorrow.”

What a jerk this guy is…

And, from his comments, he actually seems to be a closeted transphobe himself—which is par for the course with Leftists.

How? Because language matters…

People don’t generally call women “a-holes.” That term is normally reserved for men.

If you want to insult a woman, you typically use a DIFFERENT label that begins with a “B” and ends with an “itch.”

Kimmel’s choice of words here is telling with how he REALLY feels about Caitlyn Jenner’s trans status…

But nobody will say a word about it.

Here, watch him look like an ACTUAL a-hole here.

Jimmy Kimmel is the encapsulation with everything that is wrong with Hollywood Liberalism.

He’s smug, he’s mean, he’s a bigot, and like most comedians who go woke, lost his comedic edge.

He’s not funny…

Which may be the biggest sin of them all.


“I don’t think comedy necessarily comes from a dark place. But I do think what a lot of us have in common is that, growing up, being funny was a coping mechanism.” – Sean Hayes