Congressman and Conservative stalwart, Jim Jordan, is a GOP treasure – he keeps it real and tells the blunt truth about Joe Biden’s administration and our optics.

Jim Jordan has become one of the Right’s strongest voices in DC.

This is important, as we’re down to just a few, we have Jim, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, and maybe a few more as our side has been gutted due to the rise of the woke mob.


Where’s Trey Gowdy when you need him?

Anyway, Jim Jordan has not only been one of our strongest voices in DC – but he’s one of the fiercest – as he’s been known to get fiery from time to time.

This is important, because if we’re going to gain any ground on the Liberals with Americans, then we’re going to have to match their enthusiasm and passion.

Except, instead of a passion to destroy America. We need enthusiasm and vigor to conserve and protect everything that makes our country the greatest to have ever existed, which have always been, are, and always will be the freedoms that the Constitution defends.

We need his fire in Congress.

And we need a lot more like him.

Fiery Compassion for A Better America

Now, when you have somebody of Jim’s mentality, you have to take the good with the bad.

And along with their fire and passion for America – comes a bluntness for the truth that can be bristling at times.

He doesn’t hold back, nor should he, so when he gave his two cents about Biden, his administration, and the state of America under his governorship.

He let loose with a truth that should scare ALL Americans – regardless of which side of the aisle their politics lean.

In an interview on Fox’s “The Ingraham Angle, “Jim said what the Right has been thinking for the past 5 months now.

And that’s the fact that we’re in trouble.

Jim said, “Well, I think the big takeaway is, and this is unfortunate, but I think our adversaries see, smell and, you know, see weakness and smell weakness from the Biden administration.”

And he’s right.

We’ve been saying this since day ONE, as it seems the sole purpose of President Joe Biden is to put America behind the 8-ball and leave us open to attacks of different kinds from our foreign enemies.

Do you think it’s a coincidence that the computer hacks of some of our biggest industries are happening now, with Trump out of the White House?

Or do you think that now with Joe Biden in charge, they feel emboldened to cross lines they never would have dared?

Proof of That Weakness

Jim continued:

“We saw this on display up in Anchorage a few months ago when our Secretary of State, Tony Blinken, was sat across from his Chinese counterpart,” he said. “And the Chinese counterpart just smacked him around and lectured him and said all kinds of things — basically reciting what the Left says in the Democrat Party today.”

Again, he hit the nail on the head.

This is what happens when you let weakness run a country known for its strength – you get bullied by your lesser.

On that same point, Jim continued, “And our secretary of state, of the United States, did nothing to push back. That would never — that would never happen to Mike Pompeo in a President Trump administration. We all know it. We see the same thing our adversary sees. So, I’m nervous about what happens in this, but, you know, we’ll just have to wait and see.”

We know what they see.

We know how we’re viewed in the eyes of the world with Joe Biden in charge.

We understand that Biden doesn’t project strength – just sad victimhood mentality that he hides behind a bully exterior.

I wish I shared a little bit of Jim’s hope that what we believe isn’t true…

But I don’t.

Biden is weak – and will always be seen as a week to our enemies and our allies – and if you think this is GOOD for America…

Then you probably voted for this cognitively declining codger in the first place.

We need strength back in the White House…

We need courage and boldness.

These words have never been associated with Joe Biden…

But this is who we’ve got for now!

Like it or not…


“Politics is the skilled use of blunt objects.” – Lest Lester B. Pearson