Pandemic lockdowns continue swallowing up life as we once knew it in America.

Although many governors have given us the illusion that we have returned to normal by small “reopening” efforts here and there, the fact remains that we are still mostly shut down.

It feels like we are in pandemic purgatory where we are eager to get to the next “phase” of reopening, yet nothing changes.

While many people thought states and cities would start reopening after Election Day, we have not seen such progress – perhaps because there is no clear winner of the election just yet.

Instead, the lockdown nightmare continues and is seeming to get worse as the holidays approach.

The radical Leftists of our country, including California Governor Gavin Newsom, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, insist on overreaching government mandates to control how their constituents celebrate Thanksgiving.

They are all attempting to enforce arbitrary limits on how many households can gather, how many individuals are allowed, how food must be served, and many other excessive restrictions.

The thought of ever returning to normal seems to fade more and more as each day goes by, but there are still some patriots in government who are keeping the hope alive that we can curb the power these tyrants have assumed.

Republican Congressman Jim Jordan said it perfectly.

“Don’t cancel Thanksgiving. Don’t cancel Christmas. Cancel lockdowns,” he wrote on Twitter.

It’s quite simple: we cannot give in to the far-Left’s egregious overreaches of power.

We the people shouldn’t cancel any holiday gathering we want to host within the privacy of our own homes. And by not doing so, we are effectively canceling the lockdown orders these lawmakers have issued.

Although it’s unconstitutional, the government has been allowed to mandate public places shut down, such as beaches, parks, anything run by the local government. But when it comes to dictating what goes on within each private citizen’s own home – that’s where the line is more than simply “crossed.”

The government cannot issue executive orders or guidance that dictates what goes on within our own homes.

Then again, because they think they can, we have to come up with a way to fight back.

That way is civil disobedience, like Mr. Jordan suggests.

We need to start resisting these lockdown orders by the masses, otherwise, what’s to stop these crazed Leftists from going even further?

Americans need to learn to defy unconstitutional mandates – and it’s as simple as hosting Thanksgiving dinner like we do every year. This is our way of life and we are not going to give it up that easily.