Remember when we could all just sit around on Sunday and watch football?

Those were the days.

The NFL is an American institution and has led to many unproductive yet enjoyable Sundays in front of the TV.

Watching football helped take our minds off of the serious issues in the world and served as a unifying force for the nation following the September 11th terrorist attacks.

It was on the gridiron that the nation came together to stand as one and heal.

Sadly, those days are over.

Now rap mogul Jay-Z has joined forces with the NFL to remind us how terrible it is to live in America.

It started three years ago when San Francisco backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick knelt for the National Anthem at the beginning of a pre-season game.

He said he was protesting the National Anthem to raise awareness of police brutality and criminal justice issues.

However, Kaepernick doesn’t know what he’s talking about; statistics disprove the reason for his protest.

Study Shows That White Police Officers Don’t Disproportionately Target African Americans

A new study disproves Kaepernick’s contention that there is widespread racism in the treatment of African Americans by the police.

Professors Joseph Cesario and David Johnson (University of Michigan and University of Maryland respectively) conducted a study in which they spent over 1,500 hours creating a national database of information about all fatal police shootings in the U.S. in 2015.

They concluded that, contrary to popular belief, white officers were not more likely to fatally shoot minority civilians compared to black or Hispanic officers.

They wrote, “when all the officers that fired at a civilian were black, a person was 2.0 times more likely to be black than when all the officers who fired were white. When all the officers that fired at a civilian were Hispanic, a person was 9.0 times more likely to be Hispanic than when all the officers who fired were white.”

The other big takeaway from the study showed that community violent crime rates were more likely to determine what ethnic group was targeted.

According to the authors, “In counties where whites committed a higher percentage of homicides, a person fatally shot by police was 3.5 times more likely to be white. In counties where blacks committed a higher percentage of violent crime, a person fatally shot by the police was 3.7 times more likely to be black. And in counties where Hispanics committed a higher percentage of violent crime, a person fatally shot by the police was 3.3 times more likely to be Hispanic.”

They concluded by writing, “once crime rates were taken into account, civilians fatally shot by the police were not more likely to be black or Hispanic than white…Black Americans have no more contact with the police through greater involvement in violent crime, which at least partially explains why black Americans are shot by police at higher rates than their population representation in the U.S.”

(For a full analysis of these statistics, CLICK HERE.)

Kaepernick should have done his homework before he started his protest that ruined Sundays for football fans who just wanted to enjoy a game

But don’t worry. Jay Z will save the day.

Rapper Jay-Z Joins forces with the NFL to Solve Social Justice Issues

That’s right, Jay-Z is going to join with the NFL to continue ruining football for millions.

He signed a deal with the NFL to produce the Super Bowl Halftime show, after saying he was going to boycott last year’s Super Bowl in support of Kaepernick.

It’s amazing how a little money can make a big difference.

Then there is the social justice half of the partnership.

Sports Illustrated reported “all of the proceeds from the visual album and from the Songs of the Season tracks will go towards the NFL’s already existing Inspire Change initiative, which was launched in January. Inspire change is a joint venture between the players and the owners that focuses on supporting three areas, chosen by the players: educational and economic development, improving police and community relations, and criminal justice reform.

Each artist will be able to choose which program they’d like to support, and then will host a community event in a city of their choosing and will be featured in an Inspire Change documentary.”

I am sure Jay-Z and the NFL will make a real difference.

Probably not.

However, they will be successful in getting people to change the channel during football Sundays.