In a show of strength, Japan is asserting that the 2020 Olympics will not be pushed back further than 2021, regardless of potential setbacks. Although American medical experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci might warn against planning any sizeable event in the wake of the coronavirus aftermath, a top Japanese official proclaims the Olympics must go on by next year, regardless of the coronavirus.

On Tuesday, Japan’s top minister on the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Seiko Hashimoto, said rescheduling the 2020 Olympic games past 2021 is simply not an option. During a press conference, Hashimoto stated, “The athletes are all working towards the event next year. By all means necessary, I think we have to go ahead with the Games,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

Hashimoto emphasized, “I think we have to hold the games at any cost… I want to concentrate all our efforts on measures against the coronavirus,” according to a translation from Kyodo News.

She was confirming what the Vice President of the IOC, John Coates, said one day prior when discussing the safety measures and adjustments they would be making in response to the virus. Coates told news outlet AFP that, although they would be taking precautions, the 2020 Olympics will happen in July 2021 “with or without COVID”.

The summer Tokyo games were originally scheduled to occur in July 2020, but the event was postponed for one year out amid the pandemic.

Coates confirmed that the theme of the 2020 games will be “The Games That Conquered COVID,” symbolizing “the light at the end of the tunnel”.

While the Olympics will go on, logistics will be adjusted to adhere to certain social distancing guidelines.

BBC reported that, in July, the Tokyo 2020 chief executive Toshiro Muto said they will do everything possible to bring spectators to the event, although the audience may be limited. Additionally, they may “simplify” the opening and closing ceremonies to reduce the necessary staffing.

Muto also made an important clarification that, “If a vaccine is ready, that will be a benefit, but we’re not saying we can’t hold the event without it—it’s not a precondition.”

Japan’s announcements regarding the 2020 Olympics mark a significant milestone in the world’s progress towards returning to normal life. In somewhat of an act of defiance, the country vows to move forward despite pressures from the fear-stricken West to cancel the games entirely.

The bottom line is that life must go on. We can’t permanently live in this state of panic over what turned out to be an almost-rare flu. Just last week, the CDC revealed a new report that indicated the virus isn’t as contagious as they thought and it is just not as deadly as they told us it was.

Why should the US or any other country continue to cancel life as we know it out of irrational fear of a flu-like virus?

At this point, continued lockdowns are not only unnecessary, but they’re also unscientific. Thankfully, Japan is standing up against the ridiculous medical fear-mongering that’s more political than based on any real imminent threat to our world’s population at large.