Contrary to what many Conservatives think, there are actually two kinds of people on the Left: Liberals and Leftists.

Liberals really aren’t that bad. They may tend to be a little too soft and make their decisions based on emotion rather than logic, but they’re still typically open to conversation and debate and can sometimes even be persuaded to see things from a Conservative perspective.

Leftists, on the other hand, are the fervent and dedicated faction of their side and will believe anything their leaders tell them.

They refuse to have civil discourse and often will fight tooth and nail, using unfettered emotion, mental gymnastics, and little to no logic to prove that Conservatism is everything that’s wrong with the world.

Those are the dangerous ones…

And unfortunately for Liberals, they get lumped in together—and there are more Leftists nowadays than there are Liberals.

We also tend to call them all Liberals, which really is a bit unfair…

But, hey, they call us all “Republicans,” so that kind of blanket statement is just the way we describe each other.

Now, the problem with Leftists is they tend to get a bit extreme.

Leftism Will Bite Democrats In The Butt

They’re the kind of people that believe that Conservatism is just another word for racism and that the only reason the Republican Party exists is to keep marginalized people down.

Of course, we know they couldn’t get further from the truth if they tried.

The GOP has always been the party dedicated to freedom. It’s why most freed slaves joined the party after the Civil War.

But for some reason, Leftists want to believe this ridiculous notion that the two political parties switched stances when the war ended and that now, the Democrats are the ones who stand for freedom while the Republicans stand for oppression.

It’s baffling, really, because they really have no proof of this shift ever happening…

Regardless, the Left has been on a tear over the past couple of years, trying to stamp out any instance of social injustice—or at least what THEY determine to be social injustice—wherever it raises its ugly head.

It’s led to the modern-day “woke-ism” that has consumed the Left. They believe they’re justified in using whatever means are at their disposal to levy their own brand of social justice to whatever situation they get emotional about.

While their motivation may be pure, their methodologies aren’t, and oftentimes their wokeness makes premature judgments that damage people and reputations beyond repair.

This is something that is going to hurt them in the 2022 midterm elections—and the calmer and cooler heads in the party know it.

The Liberal Voice Of Reason

James Carville, the famous political strategist experts say was responsible for getting Bill Clinton’s elected in 1992, has a new warning for Democrats: ratchet down the wokeness…or deal with the consequences.

In a recent interview with the uber-Left-leaning, Vox, the ultra-Lib said that “faculty lounge” politics of much of the Democratic party is ignoring the “meat-and-potatoes” main line of the U.S.

Carville says, “Wokeness is a problem,” and it’s one that could cost Democrats in future elections, especially the midterms coming up in 2022.

He reminds the Left that 2021 wasn’t as successful as they thought – because while they may have won the White House, they lost congressional seats and failed to pick up state legislatures.


Carville says, “The reason is simple: They’ve got a messaging problem.”

Meaning their wokeness is alienating much of America…

He continued, “You ever get the sense that people in faculty lounges in fancy colleges use a different language than ordinary people? They come up with a word like ‘Latinx’ that no one else uses.”


We thought they were oblivious to that fact. Apparently, some of them are really paying attention.

Carville says, “This ‘too cool for school’ sh*t doesn’t work, and we have to stop it.”

For that to happen, Carville said Democrats need to incorporate more rural white voters, which they won’t do unless they start talking like “ordinary people” and stop tweeting about abolishing the police because “almost no one wants to f*****g do that.”

Language, Mr. Carville… language.

He doesn’t think the Left should stand down with their quest for social justice though, especially when it comes to race, saying, “We should talk about racial injustice. What I’m saying is, we need to do it without using jargon-y language that’s unrecognizable to most people – including most black people, by the way – because it signals that you’re trying to talk around them.”

Again, he’s right…

But the real question is, will the Left listen to him? Or will they simply keep moving forward to the detriment of their own agenda and cause?

Odds are they’re just going to keep moving forward…

They’re too emotional to do anything else.

But, good try, Jimmy…

Good luck in 2022!

You’re going to need it…


“Truth is relative. Truth is what you can make the voter believe is the truth. If you’re smart enough, truth is what you make the voter think it is. That’s why I’m a Democrat. I can make the Democratic voters think whatever I want them to.” – James Carville