Many on the Left are incapable of taking a joke. Sure, they can dish it out, but they can’t take it when it goes against their feelings. Leftists base their beliefs on emotions, and not facts. It is so fun and easy to troll the Left, and they get triggered faster than you can pull the trigger of a semi-automatic rifle.

They go running back to their safe spaces whenever they are confronted with a position that goes against their own. They love to talk about having a “confrontation” on issues such as racism, however, if you disagree with them during that conversation, they start launching ad hominem grenades and melt like the witch in the Wizard of Oz.

Liberals own comedy, and yet somehow they aren’t that funny. Late night comedy used to be funny, especially during the Johnny Carson days, but those days are long gone. Instead, those same late night comedians made fun of Ivanka Trump for being….well, funny.

Earlier this week, the President’s daughter and advisor posted a picture of herself on Twitter holding a can of Goya beans. She captioned the photo by using the company’s trademark slogan “If it’s Goya, it has to be good,” in both English and Spanish. The CEO of Goya Foods recently said kind words about President Trump, and Ivanka was simultaneously showing her support for the CEO and trolling the Left.

Trump posted a similar photo of himself behind the Resolute Desk with an array of Goya products in front of him.

Que the outrage mob. Social media and mainstream media sites lit up with posts and stories condemning Ivanka for her post. They are too thick-headed to realize that they were being trolled and that Ivanka likely knew that their heads would explode—and boy did they ever.

Example A: CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

The brother of New York’s governor was outraged—outraged I tell you! Here is what he had to say: “You tell me how a president in the middle of a pandemic has got time for this bullsh*t? Are you kidding me? Hawking products? Goya, I don’t care who it is. Resolute desk? This is what he’s resolute about.”

Oh, poor Chris. How can he sleep at night, knowing that Ivanka Trump posing with a can of beans is a national scandal that threatens our very existence? America is going to be destroyed because of a can of beans.

These people are unhinged thanks to the Trumps, and it is entertaining to watch them lose their marbles.

Apparently, what Ivanka did was so egregious that a supposed ethics watchdog has filed a complaint against her…. I am not kidding.

The Hill reported, “Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) on Friday filed a complaint against White House adviser Ivanka Trump for a photo pushing products from Goya Foods, accusing the president’s eldest daughter of violating ethics laws for federal employees.

CREW alleges that Trump violated the Standards of Conduct, a policy that bars White House employees from using or permitting the use of their government positions or titles to endorse any product, service or enterprise.

The complaint calls on the Office of Government Ethics to investigate and consider disciplinary action against Trump if she is found to have improperly used her platform.

‘This is not just about beans; it’s another example of a disturbing pattern of this administration acting to benefit the businesses of the president’s supporters. In the midst of a worsening pandemic, senior administration officials should not be focused on the promotion of an ally’s business and should not be providing official incentives for businesses to support them politically,’ CREW Executive Director Noah Bookbinder said in a statement. ‘Senior Trump officials continue to act like ethics laws to not apply to them.’”

With rioters in the streets and a national pandemic in progress, it is important to punish Ivanka Trump for a lighthearted tweet. Nothing could be so urgent…

Triggering the Left is fun, and if you don’t believe me, then share this article with your Leftist friends and get the popcorn out. It’s worth it.