For the past 1,500 years, the writing of Chinese strategist Sun Tzu, collectively known as The Art of War, have been the preeminent instructional texts on how to defeat your enemies.

If you’ve never read it, it’s probably because you’ve never been involved in martial arts or armed conflict.

However, I’m of the opinion that it should be required reading for EVERYBODY that’s ever owned or wants to own a business, as the strategies apply to a lot more than just warfare.

However, warfare IS the focus of the book, and it seems that the Israeli military has studied it thoroughly, because they just employed a few of Sun Tzu’s finest tactics to win a conflict with terrorists while severely cutting down on collateral damage and the loss of innocent lives.

Let’s take a look at what happened first.

In the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Gaza-based terrorist cells of Hamas, the Israel Defense Forces made it seem like a ground invasion was imminent. Then, when Hamas was preparing for that attack, Israel utterly destroyed their underground tunnel network with an airstrike, knowing that the terrorist forces would be hiding there waiting to ambush tanks and Israeli ground troops.

The Trick That May Have SAVED Innocent Lives

The IDF used subterfuge by putting word out that their ground forces were “attacking in Gaza,” suggesting that boots were on the ground.

But a little later, an IDF spokesman retracted that statement, saying that military operations were conducted along the border but no Israeli troops had crossed it.

This was all a well-planned ploy to get Hamas to send its fighters into the underground tunnel system beneath Gaza City right before bombarding the area, all in the hope of eliminating large numbers of militants in one incredible maneuver.

If it worked, then this should go down in history as one of the smartest and safest ways to defeat an enemy. This is the kind of the warfare that saves innocent lives.

This strategy would have made Sun Tzu incredibly proud since one of his most basic tenets of The Art of War is that “All warfare is based on deception.”

This is deception of the best kind. It gathered Israel’s enemies into ONE place while keeping innocent civilians as far away from harm as possible.

In short, it was brilliant.

But deception wasn’t the only Sun Tzu strategy the IDF employed. There was a lot more to go around in the fight against Hamas.

Sun Tzu’s Philosophies Wipe Out Hamas

Another Sun Tzu philosophy used by the Israelis was the idea that “What the ancients called a ‘clever fighter’ is one who not only wins, but excels in winning with ease.”

And the IDF is definitely clever, because if this maneuver was successful, then they just won that entire conflict with ease.

Another strategy is to “attack [the enemy] where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.”

By making Hamas expect a ground-based assault, the Israelis hit their militant fighters where they weren’t expecting to get attacked: in their very own protective tunnel system.

The terrorists thought they were safe underground and thought they’d have the element of surprise.

Neither of these ended up being true.

Next, Sun Tzu states that “in all fighting, the direct method may be used for joining battle, but indirect methods will be needed to secure victory.”

The Israelis chose not to join the battle.

They instead chose to have the enemy gather in number in order to hit them through “indirect methods,” ending the battle before it even began.

It’s too bad more armed conflicts can’t be fought more like this.

It reduces casualties on BOTH sides.

And while we could sit here all day and talk about the Sun Tzu philosophies that the IDF employed, we might end up just writing the whole book out. There were countless examples employed during this campaign, and even more examples from Israel’s long history fighting terrorists.

What’s important here is that Israel did the best it could to avoid civilian casualties.

They should be celebrated for this – but you can bet the mainstream media won’t give them any kind of credit.

We will, however…

Because any time a military goes out of its way to protect civilian lives in any armed conflict, it should be applauded.

Let’s hope this is the end of the conflict.

Both sides could use some peace.


“To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.” – Sun Tzu


Editor’s Note:

It’s a shame that Hamas feels emboldened now that Joe Biden is sitting in the Oval Office. As Donald Trump pointed out, it’s Biden’s lack of support for Israel that may be the reason for Hamas’ recent aggressions. It’s truly sad that we went from having strength and leadership for our country and the free world to Sleepy Joe Biden. While Trump may not be the President, he still holds sway in politics—and there was something he did during the last year of his presidency that could wind up paying dividends for Americans going forward. See what he planned by watching this quick video. Just one more reason for you to love 45… watch it here.