It’s impossible to imagine the chaos and terror that is running rampant in Afghanistan right now, especially for those trying to get into Kabul’s airport. Americans and Afghans alike are equally frightened, all of them desperately trying to get out of the country before the Taliban completely take over all operations.

We’ve all seen the chilling videos of people being beaten in the streets simply for being a foreigner or for trying to get to the airport.

The scary thing is that it’s only a matter of time until confrontations start to escalate and those beatings become murders.

However, as bad as the Taliban is, there’s a worse element in Afghanistan now, and we’re equally powerless to stop them.

They call themselves ISIS-K, and they’re the kind of monsters that our military dreams about fighting. The group’s members are the true scum of the earth, attacking innocents in the name of their radical ideology.

ISIS-K came to light when a report of a “highly lethal” terror threat in the form of a car bomb at the Kabul airport forced the State Department to close the runway, leaving at least 1,500 Americans stranded in the terrorist-controlled country.

And with just 36 hours left to complete evacuation, many are scared that they won’t make the deadline.

Western leaders from the US, Britain, and Australia told their stranded citizens to stay clear of the airport over fears of a deadly car bomb attack from ISIS-K, who were reported to be deploying MULTIPLE car bombs to ensure maximum damage. Even this early on, the group does not care WHO dies in their mission to spread radical Islam throughout the region.

And tragically, ISIS-K followed through on its threat. On Wednesday, an explosion ROCKED one of the gates at the Kabul airport, killing an unknown number of Afghans. As of this writing, it is unknown if any Americans were harmed or killed by the blast.

This is truly a tragic and frightening development, and given the massive crowds present at the airport, despite the imminent threat of death, the likelihood of a repeat attack cannot be overlooked.

This is the kind of terror we can expect from ISIS-K. They’re known for targeting innocent civilians with their heinous acts.

In 2017, three young men dressed as doctors—stethoscopes and all—strolled into Kabul’s 400-bed Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan hospital, waited until they heard another member’s explosion of a suicide vest then pulled out guns and grenades and opened fire in the hospital ward.

When all the dust settled several hours later, more than 30 doctors and patients had been killed and roughly 50 more wounded in their gristly attack.

This was one of roughly 100 attacks against civilian targets and another 250 involving US, Afghan, or Pakistani security services—and the terror group celebrated their success by posting videos on social media.

There’s no telling how low that this group will go.

Founded in 2015, ISIS-K followers aim to establish an Islamic caliphate across Khorasan (where the “K” in the name comes from), a historic region covering Pakistan, Afghanistan, and parts of Central Asia.

What ISIS-K Wants

They make no qualms about being a terror group, and its members are so radical that they believe the Taliban is too liberal. As ISIS-K makes its way into Afghanistan, its stated intention is to carry out attacks to destabilize the Taliban’s new government.

This surge from ISIS-K has many officials reluctant to pull out of Afghanistan before the August 31st deadline.

And now that there has been an attack, it would be irresponsible of Biden to pull all our troops out when we have American citizens stuck there.

The Taliban is bad…but ISIS-K’s presence in Kabul is much, much worse.

It’s just a matter of time until American lives are lost.

The big question is: How will Joe Biden respond?

Is he going to ramp up efforts to get Americans out of the country before August 31st?

Is he going to take our dogs off the leash and let our American military do what they’re trained to do?

Or will he tuck America’s proverbial tail and run?

Things are getting worse…and they’re going to continue in that direction until Joe Biden takes control—which is a little worrisome because few people think he’s even capable.

Welcome to Joe Biden’s presidency…

Making America WEAK Again.


“Terrorism is a psychological warfare. Terrorists try to manipulate us and change our behavior by creating fear, uncertainty, and division in society.” – Patrick J. Kennedy


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