We said the Epstein case was going to be big…

We just didn’t know HOW big — but if this latest revelation is true — what’s about to happen may shake our entire government down to its very core.

Jeffrey Epstein is a man of sick sexual appetites who had been charged and convicted of soliciting an underage minor for prostitution. He did 13 months of work-release incarceration.

Back then…

Everybody thought that Epstein got the veritable slap on the wrist.

Epstein on Easy Street

That what he had done was child abuse in the eyes of God and the state of Florida. But State’s Attorney Alex Acosta, now Secretary of Labor, granted Epstein a plea deal that not only allowed the sexual deviant to leave prison for work purposes…

But halted the investigation and sealed the case.

What did he get charged with?

Not unlawful sex with minors or molestation — but soliciting prostitution.

However, while he “served” 13 months and did a year of probation — he was allowed to travel to his homes in both New York and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The public was up in arms…

They felt that Epstein received special treatment in what one publication called “a deal of a lifetime.”

Eventually, the story got buried in the constantly churning news cycle, and people seemed to forget about Jeffrey Epstein.

However, after Epstein’s latest arrest for sex trafficking minors in TWO states…

People are once again looking closely at the man who seemed to get away with a horrendous crime.

They began asking the questions that many people don’t want to answer…

Questions such as, “Why did then–State’s Attorney Alex Acosta give Epstein such a lenient sentence?”

Well, that question may have just been answered…

And if it’s true — it may just turn D.C. on its head and do a LOT to drain the swamp.

The Bombshell Revelation That Could Change EVERYTHING!

During Acosta’s confirmation hearings, he was asked by the committee, “Is the Epstein case going to cause a problem [for the confirmation hearing]?” Acosta answered and explained why he cut the sweetheart deal, explaining he was told to “back off.”

And why was he told to back off Jeffrey Epstein?

“I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone.”


You read that right. Acosta was told that Epstein was off-limits because he had some kind of working relationship with intelligence — which one could only assume was the CIA.

So … what could make Epstein untouchable?

Does he have some kind of dirt on one or more higher-ups in the federal government (possibly Bill Clinton) that could damage someone’s career and reputation?

Or was Epstein actually working for the CIA — gathering intelligence for the agency with people of people with high reputations — to be used as blackmail for whatever clandestine operations it has going at any given time?

This is BIG…

So big that, if true, it could truly shake our government to the core.

This fact being true would change everything, and it could put a LOT of people in some very compromising positions.

Keep your eye on this one, folks…

We may be in for a ride!


“The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government.” — Thomas Jefferson