Following the weekend shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, the Left—and even some Republicans—have been calling for new gun control policies as a response.

They believe that, by restricting access to certain guns, shootings such as those could be prevented in the future.

However, there are an estimated 310 million firearms in this country, and most are semi-automatic.

These gun control proposals would essentially ban all guns in the United States, and the government would have to round up all of them. That’s a lot of guns to confiscate.

Most homicides in the U.S. are committed using handguns, and it’s not even close.

According to F.B.I. statistics, 65% of firearm murders were carried out using a handgun.

Should we ban all handguns in addition to rifles?

For whatever reason, they don’t specifically call for handguns to be banned. Democrats just have an odd obsession with banning semi-automatic rifles.

However, if their goal was to prevent more homicides, then by their logic, knives should be banned too.

Deadlier Than Guns!

That’s right, knives.

Knives account for more homicides than rifles and shotguns combined.

In 2016, 1,604 murders were committed using knives or other cutting instruments; 636 were committed using rifles and shotguns.

Last night in California, yet another mass homicide was carried out. But the suspect was not using a gun—he was using a knife.

Where’s the outcry for knife control?

So far, there hasn’t been any.

California Man Goes on Stabbing Spree

The Daily Wire reported, “Over a span of about two hours on Wednesday, a man from Garden Grove, California went on a rage-fueled and what appears to be largely random stabbing and robbing rampage that left four people dead and two wounded.

In the preceding two hours, fueled by what police described as anger and hate, the man allegedly unleashed attacks in at least six locations, robbing several stores and leaving four people dead and two injured, all of whom were also Hispanic. As of late Wednesday, the two people who were injured were in stable condition and expected to survive.”

This isn’t an isolated incident; there have been a lot of non-firearm murders in America over the past decade or so.

USA Today’s collection of mass murder statistics from 2006-2017 show that nearly a quarter were carried out with weapons other than guns.

Writing at National Review, Clayton E. Cramer said the following:

“Nations with strict gun-control laws still have mass murders. One man stabbed to death five people with a kitchen knife at a Calgary party.

After the 1996 Port Arthur mass murder, Australia banned most semiautomatic rifles, but they still have mass murders: eight siblings killed in a mass stabbing in Queensland; five bludgeoned to death in Sydney in 2009. Mass murders by arson are also a problem in such countries. Palace Backpackers Hostel in Childers, Queensland, was intentionally burned in 2000, killing 15. The 2011 Quakers Hill Nursing Home fire killed eleven, set by a nurse after police questioned him about drug abuse.”

Using the Left’s logic, all possible weapons should be outlawed—knives included. The California killer used a knife, proving that there are many ways to kill a person.

Clearly, we need knife control.

Or maybe control of the weapons themselves isn’t really a solution at all…