With the way Biden boasted on the campaign trail, you’d think that America would be all sunshine and rainbows. It’s not. In fact, it’s mostly doom and gloom.

Joe Biden’s presidency isn’t going well, and that is being kind. Biden’s ineptness for the job makes Jimmy Carter look like Lincoln in comparison.

In just eight months in office, Biden has presided over a resurgence in the pandemic, a poor economy plagued by inflation, the fall of Afghanistan and the abandonment of Americans, skyrocketing energy costs— thanks in part to his banning of pipelines and drilling— and a massive surge of illegal immigrants at the Southern border.

And this is in no way an exhaustive list of his failures.

On foreign policy, our enemies sense weakness like a shark senses blood in the ocean.

Just today, North Korea has launched a ballistic missile test, no doubt trying to test the medal of the new president. China has felt emboldened to make overtures to the Taliban as well as continuing to increase its stranglehold over Hong Kong at the same time it continues to threaten Taiwan, with no discernable push back from the Biden administration.

Biden once remarked that the Chinese would never eat our lunch. Well, so far, the Chinese are consuming a feast offered on a platter by the Biden administration.

Domestically, President Biden campaigned on “defeating the virus.”

Well, so far, the virus is winning. After subsiding during the spring, the delta variant has caused a resurgence of the pandemic, despite Biden’s claim that the vaccines and masks would end it.

But instead of learning from his mistakes, Biden is doubling down on his failed policies; he is now pushing the US Constitution beyond its limits and is mandating that all employers with more than 100 employees be vaccinated.

To which many employers and their fellow Americans are responding by saying, “hell no!”

If the Judicial branch upholds Biden’s authoritarian power grab, the republic is truly doomed. The Founders must be rolling over in their graves right about now, and they have plenty of reasons to do so.

On the economic front, inflation is rising on many goods that hit Americans in their pocketbooks…

Ranging from many of the good that we depend on, with anything from meat to gas in either short supply or priced much higher than they were just 8 months ago, Americans are feeling the pinch in their budgets, and they are likely to not see relief anytime soon. In fact, if anything, thanks to Biden’s profligate spending, monetary inflation is almost inevitable at this point, which will exacerbate an already tepid economic recovery.

Americans will pay more for mortgages, loans, and a multitude of other assets. And so far, President Biden doesn’t seem to understand the plight his economic policies are causing American consumers.

What is Biden’s solution? Answer: Raise taxes and spend another $3.5 trillion.

That’s right, the Biden administration is proposing to raise the corporate tax rate to 26%, as well as increasing income taxes and capital gains taxes, thus reversing the Trump tax cuts.

Then there is the Global Reset inspired $3.5 trillion “build back better” colossus of a spending bill that would forever alter the role of the Federal Government and ensure that the Federal Leviathan never loosens its grip over all our lives.

With all his failures, it is little wonder why Americans have turned on Joe Biden.

Biden’s poll numbers have cratered to below 40% in a recent Economist poll, with similar poor approval ratings in the latest Washington Post poll.

It is true that there is still time for Biden to right the ship. However, I have a better chance of marrying Miss America than President Biden has of salvaging his failing administration…

Due in large part to his obviously failing cognitive health, and his lifetime of poor judgement on almost every major issue of his long time career.

So, move over Jimmy Carter, James Buchanan, and Franklin Pierce, there is a NEW worst president in-town, and his name is Joe Biden.