Keeping a promise the president made less than three weeks ago, the Trump administration has announced the US is pulling more than 2,000 troops out of Iraq.

During a visit to Iraq on Wednesday, General Frank McKenzie, commander of the US Central Command, said we will be reducing our military presence in the region from 5,200 to just 3,000 during the month of September.

McKenzie explained the US decision as “a clear demonstration of our continued commitment to the ultimate goal, which is an Iraqi security force that is capable of preventing an ISIS resurgence and of securing Iraq’s sovereignty without external assistance,” The Hill reported.

“The journey has been difficult, the sacrifice has been great, but the progress has been significant,” he affirmed.

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany says the troop drawback exemplifies Trump’s dedication to ending the “endless wars” in which previous administrations engaged. This action also shows the president is committed to keeping his 2016 campaign promise to the American people to bring our troops home to their families.

Even when his opponents are spreading fictitious stories about Trump’s “anti-military attitude,” the president is doing his best to protect our enlisted men and women and keep our country safe.