In January, following the Trump-ordered airstrike by that killed Iranian terrorist Qassem Soleimani, a member of the Iranian Parliament shockingly put a $3 million bounty on the president’s head.

Al Jazeera reported at the time that “Ahmad Hamzeh, a little-known member of parliament, offered the bounty on behalf of the people of Kerman, the hometown and final resting place of the revered Soleimani, who was killed in an American drone strike in neighboring Iraq on January 3.

‘We will give three million dollars to anyone who kills Trump,’ Hamzeh, who represents Kahnouj county near the southeastern city of Kerman, was quoted as saying by the semi-official ISNA news agency.”

Fast forward to today, and Iran has apparently given up on having President Trump killed and are content with settling for arresting him and bringing him to trial.

Ah, yes, I’m sure that Interpol would be willing to arrest the president of the United States. I would love to see them try and see how the Secret Service responds….something tells me it wouldn’t go well for the boys over at Interpol.

Business Insider reported, “Iran has issued an arrest warrant on Donald Trump for the killing of General Qassem Soleimani and asked Interpol for help detain him.

Tehran called for an Interpol red notice on 36 US political and military figures, including the president, the official Islamic Republic News Agency reported on Monday.

Iranian prosecutor Qasi Mehr said the figures had been charged with ‘murder and terrorist acts’ for the killing of Soleimani by US drone strike in Baghdad in January.”

It’s no secret that Iran doesn’t like Trump, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why. Unlike Barack Obama, Donald Trump hasn’t let Iran have free rein in the Middle East. He tore up the horrendous Iran Nuclear Deal—which was never approved by the Senate as a treaty— he placed crippling sanctions on the Islamic regime that have devastated their economy, and he killed their top general.

Last year, Trump announced sanctions on the leadership of the radical Islamist regime. He didn’t mince words when he called out the Ayatollah for his culpability in Iranian aggressions.

President Trump said, “the supreme leader of Iran is the one who ultimately is responsible for the hostile conduct of the regime.”

Trump told reporters that the sanctions would deny Khamenei and his office access to financial resources.

Bloomberg reported at the time that “the U.S. Treasury Department said Monday those sanctioned also include eight officials of the Guard Corps who supervised malicious regional activities, including its ballistic missile program and harassment and sabotage of commercial ships in international waters.”

President Trump has not been the trigger-happy warmonger the Leftist media claims him to be. He has shown restraint in preventing U.S. participation in foreign conflicts, and he pointed this out to reporters, saying “a lot of restraint has been shown by us, a lot of restraint—and that doesn’t mean we are going to show it in the future, but I thought that we want to give this a chance.”

Well, Iran has butchered their “chance” to shape up, and that is why they are desperate to punish Trump.

Good luck arresting the leader of the free world, Iran. You’re going to need it.

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