America and Iran have been enemies since the 1979 Iranian Revolution in which the Islamic Mullahs came to power and then proceeded to hold American citizens hostage in the US Embassy in Tehran for 444 days.

During the 1980s, the United States was pressed into a difficult position. Our government felt that Iran was such a threat that they supported the evil Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in the Iran-Iraq War.

The Iranians have a singular focus: develop nuclear weapons to wipe Israel and the United States off the map.

They don’t hide their intentions. Public demonstrators can frequently be heard shouting “Death to America.”

Iran is one of the most dangerous countries on Earth and one of the biggest threats to the security of not only America but Western Civilization in general.

When protest movements have sprouted up over the years, the Iranian theocrats have violently squashed the demonstrators, leaving no trace of their existence.

Citizen demonstrations are breaking out in Iran once again, and just like in times past, Iran is brutally repressing the movement.

Hopefully, President Trump doesn’t miss an opportunity to support the demonstrators like Barack Obama did ten years ago.

In 2009, President Barack Obama missed a golden opportunity to support the anti-government movement in Iran known as the “Green Movement.”

Instead of supporting the Green Movement which had the potential of toppling the dangerous regime, he prioritized his obsession with getting a nuclear deal with the Iranian mullahs.

Unbeknownst to the public, Obama had a secret diplomatic channel set up with the Iranian regime, through which he promised that he would take no actions that would pose a threat to their government.

Wall Street Journal reporter Jay Solomon chronicled Obama’s effort to appease the Iranian mullahs in a book titled “The Iran Wars.”

Solomon reported that Obama ordered his C.I.A. to sever communication with the Green Movement. He wrote: “The Agency has contingency plans for supporting democratic uprisings anywhere in the world. This includes providing dissidents with communications, money, and in extreme cases even arms. But in this case, the White House ordered it to stand down.”

Fast-forward to today, and the same brutal repression is still taking place in the country.

Family members are having to pay Iranian security forces to retrieve the remains of their loved ones who were killed demonstrating against the government.

The Wall Street Journal reported, “Authorities have arrested nearly 7,000 protesters, a hardline lawmaker said last week, including eight who authorities said were linked to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Iran routinely arrests Iranian citizens on such allegations without providing evidence.

Officials also said they arrested more than 200 ringleaders accused of conspiring with Islamic State terrorists, exiled opposition groups and Kurdish militants to foment unrest. They have offered no evidence to support such claims.”

The internet was shut down to prevent word of the demonstrations from spreading and to prevent the demonstrations from growing in size.

Since the internet was brought back online, multiple videos have surfaced that show security forces beating and shooting protestors from rooftops. In one such video, security forces can be seen firing at protestors from a judiciary building.

The stakes are high for not only the freedom of the protestors but for the security of the United States and the West.

It is imperative that President Trump not make the same mistake as President Obama. The stakes are too high to repeat Obama’s folly.

The time to act is NOW!