Did you happen to catch the absolute bloodbath that happened during the Corey Lewandowski questioning by the House Committee during the Impeachment investigation?

If you haven’t, I’ll just say it: it was glorious.

With a defiant glint in his eye, Lewandowski acted indignantly to this questioning – visibly frustrated that the 20+ hours of inquiries he voluntarily sat through weren’t enough for the Dems looking to impeach our president.

The committee asked him the same questions they asked during private interviews, to which the former campaign manager gave combative and reluctant answers.

Did he act a bit childish?


But if he did, it was a childishness that was well-warranted, as the committee’s very existence and their ultimate goal is nothing more than a childish act of tit-for-tat.

The Dems just can’t stand the fact that Donald Trump is their president…

They hate that he’s been exonerated from the Russian collusion narrative that they tried to make stick with no evidence whatsoever.

They lost…

But they can’t handle that fact.

Publicly Licking Their Wounds

They’re desperately trying to turn their loss into some kind of win by using the Russia investigation as some kind of pathway towards impeaching the president.

Keep in mind, to impeach a president, you’re accusing him of high crimes and misdemeanors…


However, since there was no crime, it’s hard to convict him of anything.

But they’re trying…


They pulled Lewandowski back to Capitol Hill in order to try and find something – ANYTHING – they can use to move impeachment proceedings forward.

However, the way that Lewandowski treated them makes it clear that he’s thinking what everybody else on the Right is thinking…

This is nothing but lip-service.

The Dems know they have nothing…

They’re simply trying to drag this out in hopes that it will cast at least SOME doubt about the president as we move towards the 2020 campaign season.

So, this entire proceeding was a waste of time, resources, and tax dollars.

Knowing this, Lewandowski didn’t play along…

When asked questions by the panel, he would answer when asked directly if he could – but if he couldn’t, he wouldn’t.

Dems Refuse To Accept The Truth

Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee was one of the most vocal members of the committee.

Lee’s portion of the questioning was less an inquiry than it was a five-minute monologue about what Lewandowski was doing and what his role was.

At the end, Committee Chairman and poster-boy for failed politics Jerry Nadler prompted Lewandowski to answer Lee’s question, to which Lewandowski replied, “I don’t believe there was a question, Congressman…”

Good Ol’ Jerry replies, “Very well.” And Rep. Jackson Lee said, “Yes, there was.”

So, Lewandowski kept going, “Could you repeat the question I didn’t hear it… it’s just a rant.”

He made the Dems look like idiots…

Or as Colorado Republican Ken Buck said, “useful idiots”.

It was a farce…

A kangaroo court trying to make something out of nothing—or as my dearly departed grandfather used to say, “trying to turn chicken s**t into chicken salad.”

They have nothing…

There is nothing to find.

And their ridiculous behavior deserves ridiculousness in kind.

They got what they deserved…

And we can only hope that the rest of the Judiciary Committee’s hearings go in the same direction. They don’t care about the truth… they care about making the president and his supporters look bad.

Plain and simple.


“Perhaps the most important thing I learned was about democracy, that democracy is not our government, our constitution, our legal structure. Too often they are enemies of democracy.” ― Howard Zinn