Day Three of the impeachment inquisition is in the books, and STILL there is no evidence that Trump deserves to be removed from office. It’s abundantly clear that the Ukrainians NEVER knew that they were being pressured to investigate the Bidens or else run the risk of losing military funding.

Likewise, there was still no evidence proving that President Trump ordered the funding be withheld for political reasons.

There are legitimate concerns about the Bidens that warranted Trump’s request of the Ukrainians.

Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA) made this point when he stated that there were three calls made by then-Vice President Joe Biden to the then President of Ukraine after the CEO of Burisma was raided. (Burisma is the energy company where Hunter Biden worked as a member of the board.)

Tuesday’s proceedings consisted of two sessions—morning and afternoon— in which four witnesses were interviewed.

Lt. Col Alexander Vindman, Jennifer Williams, Tim Morrison, and Kurt Volker all were familiar with the phone call between Trump and Zelensky, and all of them said that the transcript of the call released by the White House was accurate.

Representative Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan were scolded by Adam Schiff for trying to elicit the name of the whistleblower from Vindman, who is said to have talked to the whistleblower after the call.

The whistleblower, as we now know, was not actually listening in on the call.

Jennifer Williams—Advisor to Vice President Pence— told the committee that Zelensky didn’t express knowledge of the aid being withheld until September 1st when he brought it up during a meeting with Pence.

Once again, how can this be an impeachable offense if the Ukrainians had NO IDEA that pressure was being applied to them to investigate the Bidens?

How can there be a quid pro quo if the Ukrainians had no idea that aid would be denied if they did not assist in the investigation?

The Republicans pointed out that Lt. Col Vindman was not trusted by some in the National Security apparatus, most notably his superior, Tim Morrison.

Morrison spoke to this fact in his afternoon testimony and told the committee that Vindman had a penchant for leaking information.

Ambassador Volker testified that he was unaware that there was linkage between the aid and investigations of the Biden’s.

Volker told the committee, “I don’t know of any linkage between the hold on security assistance and Ukraine pursuing investigations. No one had ever said that to me—and I never conveyed such a linkage to the Ukrainians.”

Texas Republican Representative John Ratcliffe summed up the holes in the Democrat impeachment case by saying, “It’s supposed to be obvious, it’s supposed to be overwhelming and compelling, and if two people on the call disagree honestly about whether or not there was a demand and whether or not anything should be reported on a call, that is not a clear and compelling basis to undo 63 million votes and remove a president from office.”

Today, Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland will testify in front of the House Intelligence Committee.

He is the most important official to testify thus far because he has had direct interactions with President Trump. His testimony could make or break the Democrats’ impeachment case.

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