At long last, the Schiff show is over.

But before you start waving your hands up in the air while listening to Kool & The Gang’s “Celebration,” just know that the impeachment inquisition is far from over.

Adam Schiff’s impeachment circus is being turned over to Jerry Nadler, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. Impeachment hearings will continue Wednesday in his committee.

I hope everyone enjoyed an impeachment-free Thanksgiving break because the inundation of impeachment coverage is about to ramp up again.

The break was needed. The country is exhausted from non-stop impeachment watch.

However, break time is over, and impeachment is back on.

Beginning Of The Second Act

The last time we saw Representative Nadler, he was conducting the hearings about the Trump-Russia investigation and the hearing featuring former special counsel Robert Mueller.

That hearing was a disaster for Democrats and didn’t produce the results they had hoped for.

The Democrats are hoping that Jerry Nadler can deliver lasting results this time.

However, if the polls are any indication, he has his work cut out for him.

The Adam Schiff-led impeachment proceedings failed to move the dial on public support for impeachment.

The country remains divided regarding impeachment, and even after all this time, most people aren’t changing their minds.

The Democrats have been bleeding support amongst independents following the first round of impeachment hearings. Prior to the start of the hearings, 49% of independents supported impeachment; the number of independents supporting impeachment now stands at just 34%.


That didn’t go well for “Shifty” Schiff. His impeachment stage production won’t be earning him a Tony Award.

Now, as Congress returns from its recess, the Democrat hopes for impeachment are now entrusted to Rep. Jerry Nadler.

Like Schiff, Nadler has the power to dictate the proceedings and shut out the Republican efforts to call witnesses and mount a defense of President Trump.

The Democrats voted for rules of impeachment that gave near-absolute power to Chairmen Schiff and Nadler.

Politico reported, “The resolution also preserves the authority of House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY). While it affords Trump and his legal team a chance to mount a defense and cross-examine witnesses, those powers will be subject to Nadler’s discretion. Those details, specifically for Judiciary, were outlined in a separate document released Tuesday.”

Nadler has been hell-bent on impeaching Trump for the past few years. Don’t let him fool you with his new claims of impartiality. He has no desire to make these fair proceedings. He has had his mind made up for several months that he is going to draft articles of impeachment against the president.

Nadler fully intended on impeaching Trump following the release of the Mueller Report, even though Mueller found ZERO evidence that Trump or anyone else in his campaign colluded with the Russians to interfere in the 2016 election.

That didn’t dissuade Nadler from moving forward with impeachment.

Nadler’s Trump-Hatred

Don’t believe me?

The following is an excerpt from an August report by the U.S. News & World Report:

“During a Thursday night interview with CNN, the New York Democrat offered some of his strongest comments to date on the matter as his committee contuse to investigate the Trump administration…

‘This is formal impeachment proceedings. We’re investigating all the evidence,’ Nadler said. ‘We will at the conclusion of this, hopefully by the end of the year, vote articles of impeachment to the House floor or we won’t. That’s a decision that we’ll have to make. But that’s exactly the process we’re in right now.’”

Right, I am sure that Nadler hadn’t already made up his mind about moving forward with writing articles of impeachment against President Trump.

If you believe this, I have a time-share I’d like to sell you in the Cayman Islands.

The Jerry Nadler-led impeachment hearings are set to begin on Wednesday. The Wednesday hearings will begin with testimony from constitutional scholars about the meaning of the Constitution’s wording of what constitutes “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

These scholars were hand-picked by Nadler and the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee.

The Democrats are hoping to have impeachment articles drawn up and a House floor vote on impeachment wrapped up by Christmas.

They shouldn’t get their hopes up; this is Washington D.C. we are talking about. Nothing gets done quickly on Capitol Hill.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving break from the Impeachment Inquisition because that break is coming to an end on Wednesday.

Adam Schiff exit stage right, and enter Jerry Nadler. Act II of the impeachment inquisition is about to begin.