What’s the going rate on a Hispanic youth these days?

The price on the black market fluctuates from day to day — so it’s really hard to tell just how much at a given time.

It really just comes down to supply and demand…

And south of the border — there seems to be NO shortage of rent-a-kids.

So, how much for a kid? Well, according to the Department of Justice — for just the measly sum of $130, a Guatemalan migrant rented an eight-year-old boy to help him enter the U.S. as a “family.”

130 bucks.

An iPhone costs more than that…

Even worse, you can’t rent a PONY for a birthday party for less than $200!

And you can rent a kid for just $130?!

But the Left says this kind of thing doesn’t happen…

They say that illegals renting kids — or coming over with kids of their own — is just a ploy from the Right in order to gain support for a wall.

But here it is…

Staring the liberals right in the face.

Libs Fine with Slavery and Human Trafficking

This is human trafficking, there’s no getting around it — but the liberals don’t think it’s happening, or worse…

They make excuses for it!

“Oh, he just wanted to come to the U.S.! If we had open borders and allowed these people in — they’d never have to resort to this kind of transaction!”

Oh, you mean “slavery”?

Because that’s what it is…

The migrant, Maynor Velasquez Molina, paid $130 for the eight-year-old — PAID for him! What happens AFTER they cross the border? What happens to that child when Molina gets the papers he needs to stay in the U.S.?

Does he continue to care for this child, who he doesn’t know or have any familial bond with?

Or does he send him back home to his REAL family?

If that’s the case — how do you send an eight-year-old child … by himself — across the country of Mexico and expect him to find his family in Guatemala?

That sounds safe, doesn’t it?

When will the liberals get it through their skulls that by building a wall — by building deterrents — we’re actually keeping people on BOTH sides safer?

Even worse…

This isn’t an isolated case!

It’s Getting WORSE!

According to the DOJ, this kind of thing happens all the time at the border.

Again, according to DOJ statistics, since October 1, 2018, Border Patrol officials have reported more than 700 fraudulent family cases…


And that’s just in ONE sector’s port of entry!

In one case, two Mexican men paid for birth certificates belonging to a Guatemalan man and a Guatemalan minor with the same last name…

Nobody KNOWS what happened to the Guatemalans the birth certificates belonged to…

This is an epidemic that’s only getting worse.

We can’t allow this kind of activity to continue — we can’t allow people to rent kids or purchase fake birth certificates to come to this country, because we can’t accurately vet who they are!

How long until we start letting in TRULY evil people that want to destroy our country?

How long till we allow jihadis to make their way through?

It’s not a hypothetical…

It’s real — and some people are claiming it’s already happening!

We NEED to find a way to keep our borders protected and secured…

We NEED a wall to keep us safe.

When will the liberals wake up to this fact? Will it be after the next 9/11? Or will it somehow happen before then?

We can only hope for the latter…

And hope God keeps America safe till then.


“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” —Thomas Jefferson