Biden may be viewed by conservatives as the most progressive president in US history, but it’s still not enough for liberals.

Regardless of the fact that Biden has taken no action to stop the border surge, illegal immigrants took to the streets of Washington DC on Friday to protest against Biden’s “broken promises” on immigration.

The “Papers Not Crumbs” demonstration organized by Movimiento Cosecha blocked traffic near the White House to bring awareness to what they call “inaction” on Biden’s part.

To them, the president has not gone far enough despite having opened US borders completely.

“HAPPENING NOW: A group of over 40 immigrants and allies are risking arrest and shutting down traffic outside the White House. On the 100th day of the Biden administration, undocumented immigrants are risking their own deportation to demand PAPERS, NOT CRUMBS!” the organization tweeted Friday morning.

“I could lose everything. First, I would lose my freedom, not only that…after being fingerprinted I could trigger an ICE hold or make aware ICE that I’m there and I don’t have status,” said undocumented immigrant Gema Lowe, in a quote obtained by The Hill.

Protestors are reportedly upset that they could be detained by border enforcement at any given time due to their illegal status. Another grievance is that undocumented migrants are being temporarily detained at the southern border.

Breitbart streamed a video of the loosely organized protest that appeared, from footage, to have just dozens attending. Rally organizers primarily spoke in Spanish.

It is the height of privilege in America to be allowed to illegally reside here, let alone be allowed to protest demanding immediate citizenship from a government without repercussions.

When non-citizens become emboldened enough to block traffic to put pressure on the government, that’s intended to serve its citizens to give them citizenship papers, you know this country is in trouble.