The United States is not an imperial country.

In order to be an imperial country, a nation has to actually control and occupy other countries.

The United States is the only superpower in the history of the world to not have conquest for conquest’s sake as their stated goal.

That is a remarkable statement to make, given the history of human civilization.

We liberated Europe not once but TWICE and helped to rebuild it from the ashes of World War II. We liberated Asia as well, helping to rebuild Japan and make it a democracy.

Again, what other country has done that?

That’s not to say that the United States hasn’t at times made mistakes and gone into foreign lands that it should have avoided.

However, even wars like the ones in Iraq and Vietnam were fought with noble intentions—although whether it justified sending troops into those nations or not is up for debate.

In Iraq, the U.S. helped build up a democracy and let the Iraqi people take control of their country from madman dictator Saddam Hussein.

If America is an imperialist nation, then why didn’t we keep the oil in the Middle East for ourselves?

Not keeping the oil isn’t a very imperialist thing to do.

Despite all these facts of history, the lie about “American Imperialism” continues.

The latest person to perpetuate the lie is Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar.

Omar recently spoke at a campaign rally in Minnesota on behalf of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. During her speech, she said that she supported Bernie because he would “fight against Western imperialism.”

She told the crowd the following:

“As a refugee who escaped war and persecution as a child. I am honored to stand with the son of a Jewish refugee who survived genocide. The acknowledgment of pain and suffering is personal for both of us. The fight for human rights is undeniable and when we recognize injustice of the past and present—whether it is genocide against Jewish people, Armenians, or Rwandans, or Bosnians, or Native Americans, or more- we recognize, we realize that that recognition isn’t about punishing our political foes, but leading with a moral obligation.

I am beyond honored and excited for a president that will fight against Western Imperialism and fight for a just world… I am excited for President Bernie Sanders.”

Really, Ilhan?

If the United States is so imperialist, then why did she pursue a career in politics? She’s representing the very government she claims to hate.

She lumped the United States in with counties like Nazi Germany (which carried out the Holocaust) and Turkey ( responsible for the Armenian genocide).

That is an appalling statement, and yet I haven’t heard a peep of criticism from any Democrat or member of the mainstream media.

America is far from perfect, but to call the country an imperialist nation is equivalent to genocidal regimes is absurd.

Americans are not war-hungry monsters; in fact, at times, the country has been too isolationist.

World War II is a perfect example; the country was caught flat-footed in large part because of the anti-war faction of the country. Who knows how many lives would have been spared had America had a presence in Europe and Southeast Asia sooner?

Americans want to live their lives and let other people live theirs. It is only when that freedom is threatened that we take up arms and fight in foreign wars.

America is not imperialist. There has never been a country as powerful as the United States that has wielded that power with more restraint and compassion.