Representative Ilhan Omar, known for her bad, frequently anti-Semitic ideas, thinks she has another great idea.

What is that idea?

She wants to extend the GI Bill to every American student…even though the GI Bill was legislation that was passed to provide military veterans with tuition-free higher education.

Omar tweeted, “Imagine what it would do for our country and those who live here if we were to take the ethos behind the original G.I. Bill and apply it to everybody—canceling all student debt and making public colleges, universities, and vocational tuition-free.”

Democrats are very clever in how they label their legislation. Bernie Sanders has called his socialist healthcare plan “Medicare for All.” Americans have a favorable view of Medicare, so calling the plan “Medicare for All” is a way to appeal to the people while avoiding nasty labels like “socialized medicine.” However, his plan is completely different than Medicare. It is a single-payer system where all private health insurance is eliminated and supplementary insurance plans are outlawed.

Omar’s GI Bill for Students follows the same playbook. Omar is using the GI Bill as a Trojan horse for “free” higher education. Americans universally support the GI Bill because it rewards those who have sacrificed so much of our country.

Only about 1% of the American population serve in the military. Rep. Omar wants to provide healthcare for the other 99 percent who didn’t. That means some hipster who lives at home with his parents could go to art school FOR FREE after having given nothing to the country. That is disrespectful to our men and women in uniform.

The GI Bill was passed during World War II to provide those coming back from the War with tuition-free higher education, low-interest loans, and unemployment compensation. reported, “The GI Bill gave World War II servicemen and servicewoman many options and benefits. Those who wished to continue their education in college or vocation school could do so tuition-free up to $500 while also receiving a cost of living stipend.

As a result, almost 49 percent of college admissions in 1947 were veterans. The GI Bill opened the door of higher education to the working class in a way never done before.

The bill provided a $20 weekly unemployment benefit for up to one year for veterans looking for work. Job counseling was also available.

The government guaranteed loans for veterans who borrowed money to purchase a home, business, or farm. These loans enabled hordes of people to abandon city life and move to mass-produced, “cookie cutter” homes in suburbia. This exodus from major cities would help shape America’s socioeconomic and political landscape for years to come.

Medical care for veterans was also provided in the GI Bill. Additional hospitals were established for veterans and the Veterans Administration took over all veteran-related concerns.

By 1956, almost 10 million veterans had received GI Bill benefits.”

Cam Edwards, a gun-rights activist, took to Twitter to bash Omar for disrespecting World War Two vets, like his father. He tweeted, “My dad was a WWll vet who went to Brown University on the GI Bill. He still worked as a truck driver on the side to pay for his family’s food and housing while attending school full time. He didn’t get ‘free’ food and college. He paid his way with his service to the nation.”

It’s good to see that people aren’t falling for Omar’s devious plan.

Just make sure you don’t either.