I’m getting really sick and tired of talking about elected officials that refuse to accept reality.

These people simply WILL NOT look at the world through the lens of truth.

It’s both baffling and angering that, even while living in a state of self-delusion, these people hold positions of influence and power in our federal government and are making decisions that will shape our country going forward.

There is no “my truth” when it comes to violence; there is only “the truth.”

In the case of the ongoing tension between Israel and Palestine, the truth is that the terror group Hamas is responsible for escalated violence in the region.

Hamas as reignited violence between Israeli and Palestinian forces once again by firing rockets from Gaza into Jerusalem after clashes between protestors left wounded on both sides.

Instead of meeting at the negotiation table to try and hash things out, Hamas chose violence.

And so, Israel chose to respond in kind, as they often do when threatened with these attacks.

The difference is that Israel isn’t a terrorist organization looking to instill fear into the populace; they’re a US-backed country with an arsenal of weapons created to protect their citizens from the enemies that surround them.

So, after Hamas fired 200 rockets into Jerusalem, Israel ordered a retaliatory airstrike in Gaza, and 20 Palestinians killed—including, unfortunately, nine children.

The death of civilians is tragic, and you can guarantee that no Israeli wanted any children to die in the retaliation effort…But Israel DID need to retaliate.

Ilhan Omar: Israel Is A Terrorist State

However, for Minnesota Congresswoman and veteran Squad-member Ilhan Omar, this retaliation to terrorism wasn’t justified at all.

In her opinion, it was an act of terrorism worse than the initial Hamas attack.

The Congresswoman tweeted, “Israeli airstrikes killing civilians in Gaza is an act of terrorism. Palestinians deserve protection. Unlike Israel, missile defense programs, such as Iron Dome, don’t exist to protect Palestinian civilians. It’s unconscionable to not condemn these attacks on the week of Eid.”

I have a question…

Are you STUPID, Ilhan?

Or are you just so blind to the facts of the situation that you truly believe that Israel protecting itself from further violence is “terrorism”?

Actually, I already know her answer.

It’s neither.

Ilhan Omar is nothing more than an anti-Semite who parades around in lawmaker’s clothing.

Her religious beliefs have warped her logic, but the rest of us know that there is nothing Israel could have done short of allowing the rocket attacks to continue that would have satisfied her.

She doesn’t care about the safety of the people of Palestine; she cares about the destruction of Israel.

Hamas was WARNED…

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Hamas that they had crossed a “red line” by directing missiles towards Jerusalem—a city that is inhabited by Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike—and they were warned that Israel would “respond with force.”

And respond they did…

After the rocket attacks, Netanyahu ordered the airstrike on Gaza, saying “We will not tolerate attacks on our territory, our capital, our citizens, and our soldiers. Those who attack us will pay a heavy price.”

Don’t Mess With Israel

That heavy price came in the form of civilian casualties.

The difference between Hamas and Israel is that Hamas was actually targeting citizens.

Israel was targeting rocket launchers, two military posts, a tunnel, and eight Hamas operatives in Gaza. The civilians were only harmed because Hamas was using them as human shields.

That’s the difference between terrorism and a military operation…

And the fact that Ilhan Omar decided to stick her nose into business that wasn’t hers, throwing around false accusations the whole time, is utterly disgusting—especially since Israel is one of America’s allies.

By doing so, she is ACTIVELY working against America’s interests.

And while no, this isn’t treason, it isn’t right, and Omar needs to come back to reality…

Because as Mike Pence says, “You’re entitled to your own opinion, you’re not entitled to your own facts.”

Omar should be forced to apologize or face censure.

It’s disgusting what some Leftists are allowed to get away with—and Omar gets more free passes than most.

That’s why I will echo the great governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, who said something similar to President Joe Biden…

Omar… go F*%k yourself.


“The biggest danger for any organism is to not identify that it’s being threatened. I want to hope that people realize that the source of danger and risk in the Middle East is not the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but the deep radical Islamic vision of forming a global caliphate.” – Naftali Bennett