One of the trends going around the liberal world — over the past few years — is instances of people making protest signs that start with a sentence like “I need feminism because…” and then they put their own reason underneath it.

Need some examples?

“I need feminism because … not all women have a vagina.”


“I need feminism because … one day I want my daughter to have a voice.”

Or, one of the best…

“I need feminism because … how can I be treated as an equal in society if those around me aren’t?”

If you’re anything like me, you probably smacked your head after reading each one of these. Obviously, the authors of these ACTUAL protest signs are either delusional or have no idea that the U.S. Constitution provides these rights already.

These signs provide less reasons for needing feminism, and more reasons why our forefather’s foresight is so important to the American way of life.

To conservatives, this is the reason why feminism isn’t needed — men and women are already equal.

What can feminism give to women that the U.S. Constitution doesn’t afford them?

These people’s opinions hold more water if they said, “I need feminism because … I really don’t know what the U.S. Constitution says.”

That way, conservatives could at least respect their honesty.

I Need Conservative Values Because … I Know That the Constitution Guarantees My Individual Freedoms

Feminists LOVE fighting for the rights of women, don’t they?

Judging by the way they’ve rallied around the women in Iran, who are arrested and beaten for wanting to remove their hijab.

Or, by the way they stand behind one of the most powerful voices in politics today — Sarah Huckabee Sanders.


How about the way they protest to protect all the innocent female lives that are being lost to the biggest mass-murdering organization on the planet — Planned Parenthood.

It’s funny — the left LOVES comparing Trump to Hitler — yet when it comes to the extermination of actual people, Planned Parenthood has killed roughly 8 million babies since their inception.

For comparison, the Nazis killed around 6 million Jews — making this government-run program more efficient at death than the German war machine.


What’s even scarier is the fact that New York just made it EASIER to kill more of these unborn children. A law passed that will allow doctors to perform abortions up until the minute a baby is born.

Even scarier than that?

This law has been celebrated on the left, heralded as a giant leap forward in the women’s rights movement.

Never mind that a baby as young as 21 weeks can survive outside the womb, with today’s medical advancements.

Never mind that the procedure to abort a baby — after the first trimester — is akin to medieval torture that rips the baby apart piece by piece.

But anything to appease the mouth breathers out there chanting, “My body, my choice,” right?

How about this…

I Need Conservative Values Because … I Believe Every American Life Deserves Rights — Including the Unborn Ones

But who am I to say anything? I’m a man. Even more, I’m a white man. Even more than that…

I’m a white, Christian, cis man!

“No uterus, no say!”

Yeah … right.

The left likes to say, “Oh, this will never happen — these are going to be extreme cases.”

But who’s to make that call? The law leaves it up to the doctor to determine whether the baby could have an impact on the mother’s life or health.

But to what level?

To say this won’t happen is naiveté to the nth degree — as it will happen sooner and more often than you’d imagine.

“It’s not a baby … it’s a collection of cells! It acts no different than a parasite!”

So, an unborn baby ISN’T life?

If NASA finds a single-celled organism on Mars — what will they say they found?

Even CNN and MSNBC would post the headline: “LIFE FOUND ON MARS!”


We are living in turbulent times.

If the left won’t stand up to the oncoming darkness — or worse — facilitates its ability to spread…

It’s going to come down to conservatives protecting this land, our people and our world.

And we’re stubborn.

We’ll keep on fighting — not because we want to keep as many of our freedoms as possible, but because it’s the right thing to do.

I need conservative values because … liberalism is evil disguised as good, and I need to know the difference.

“God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.” — Voltaire