Remember the days when members of both political parties would celebrate the death of a terrorist who had killed Americans?

Yeah, those were the days.

However, those days are in the past. The Democrats’ collective hatred for President Trump supersedes their acknowledgment that foreign terrorists who kill Americans should be dealt with harshly.

Dealing harshly with terrorists is exactly what President Trump did last week when he ordered an airstrike that killed Iranian General Qasam Soleimani, a man who was responsible for the death of 17% of American servicemen in Iraq since 2003.

Instead of congratulating President Trump for his decision to take out this mass murderer, Democrats are indignant and have decided to take legislative action against Trump.

That’s right—the Dems intend on limiting the president’s ability to respond to military threats against the United States. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that the legislation will be introduced and voted on this week. The resolution will demand that the hostilities with Iran cease within 30 days unless Congress authorizes a declaration of war.

USA Today reported: “On Sunday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the House of Representatives will vote this week on legislation to limit President Donald Trump’s military actions on Iran in the wake of increased tensions between the two countries after Trump ordered an airstrike killing top Iranian General Soleimani last Thursday.”

Then Pelosi proceeded to tell her colleagues that the airstrike against Soleimani was “disproportionate.”

Seriously, Nancy? Disproportionate? That thug—who was actually designated as a terrorist during the Obama administration—ordered the killing of thousands of Americans. But apparently, taking him out with a drone strike in an active war zone is “disproportionate” according to Pelosi.

She wrote a letter to her fellow Democrats in the House, saying that the airstrike was “provocative and disproportionate and endangered our service members, diplomats, and others by risking a serious escalation of tensions with Iran.”

It is time to stop paying paddy-cake with the Iranians. Previous administrations from both parties were afraid of eliminating the mass murderer Solimani out of fear that it would cause confrontation with Iran. In fact, not killing Solimani earlier had the reverse effect: Iran became emboldened to widen its influence in the region and has been acting aggressively towards American interests for years.

They sponsor terrorists throughout the Middle East and have seized merchant vessels in the Straits of Hormuz. They have sought to undermine American interests at every turn and have openly called for the destruction of Israel. Daily chants of “Death to America” can be heard on the streets of Tehran.

Despite all of these facts, Pelosi thinks Trump’s actions were disproportionate. Where was she when Obama ordered over 2,000 airstrikes in the Middle East—all without Congressional approval?

The power of the president to strike foreign threats is a legitimate debate to have. The Constitution gives Congress the power to declare war. The president has been given leeway to strike against foreign enemies for decades without a Congressional declaration. There has been no declaration of war since World War II. How much power the president has in these situations is worth discussing

However, don’t believe for one second that the Democrats care about this Constitutional issue. This is about sticking it to President Trump. It’s following through on their years-long political vendetta against him.

They aren’t willing to give Trump any credit for his successes. This is yet another example.

Even in the face of an oncoming war, they refuse to put their partisan biases aside.