If you’re reading this…

Odds are, you’re not one of the Hollywood elite.

You probably don’t have millions of dollars in the bank, a mansion in Malibu, or a personal assistant.

Something else you probably don’t do?

Hypocritically tell others how to live their lives—while at the same time enjoying the height of luxury, being whisked around in huge SUV’s, helicopters, and private jets.


Maybe you DO do that. I don’t know how you live your life…

The fact of the matter is that hypocrisy like this is something for which the Hollywood elitists are famous.

This hypocrisy was pointed out at this year’s Golden Globe Awards when it was revealed that many of the people in the room took a private jet to fly a few miles rather than traveling by more energy-efficient means.

You can tell the people were uncomfortable with this being made public. They would’ve been much more comfortable to just keep up the illusion while they tell everyday people how to live.

“I’m a Hollywood star! Listen to me!”

When you think about it…

The fact that ANYBODY listens to what ANYONE from Hollywood says is baffling. They’ve always been a bit twisted, trying to survive in an industry where image is everything and substance is cast to the wayside.

This trend of Hollywood’s hypocrisy is especially annoying when it comes from those that toe the environmental line the hardest.

People like Leonardo DiCaprio…

Or Mark Ruffalo.

These people are most irksome when they show up to black-tie affairs in limos or Escalades—and then stand on stage and tell us that we have to care about the environment and do more to ensure our planet is here for the coming generations.

Do you know who else is irksome?

The most recent “Sexiest Man Alive,” singer John Legend, and his model wife, Chrissy Teigen…

Both often post about the environment and why we need to get more involved – but whereas Teigen is more selective in these posts, Legend seems to be obsessed with making the world a better place.

If you were to look at his Twitter feed, you’d think he was an ACTUAL environmentalist instead of a musician (and sometimes actor).

He’s forever tweeting about climate change and pushing his Leftist ideals.

But his personal life is very different from his Twitter feed.

He and Chrissy had a lovely Valentine’s Day, during which they hopped on a private jet to travel about 500 miles from their posh LA home for dinner.

Rules For THEE, But Not For ME


The environmentalist hopped on a private jet—which drops ungodly amounts of carbon into the air—to fly 500 miles for a romantic dinner with his model wife.

Chrissy and John had pictures up on their social media, detailing the romantic evening these two lovebirds were having—even while actively destroying the environment with their jet’s MASSIVE carbon emissions…according to them, anyway.

Does that sound like hypocrisy or what?

It must be hard living in their world…

You know, the kind where your image is everything and you’re torn between making sure you sound like a good liberal and living the luxurious lifestyle of an entertainment elite.

However, if they’re going to take a private jet to dinner…

The last thing they should be telling their fans is how to live more environmentally conscious.

Hypocrites are the absolute worst…


“He does not believe that does not live according to his belief.” ― Sigmund Freud