Over a year after the pandemic first began, the truth is finally emerging as Fauci’s emails, NIAID records, and new studies are revealed.

One study, published by medRxiv, found that patients who took the Z-pac, or Hydroxychloroquine taken with Zinc, had a survival rate nearly three times higher than other patients who did not. Saint Barnabas Medical Center conducted the study observing 255 patients in New Jersey.

“We found that when the cumulative doses of two drugs, HCQ and AZM, were above a certain level, patients had a survival rate 2.9 times the other patients,” the study states, according to Washington Examiner.

2.9 times!

With such a drastically improved survival rate shown in this study, it’s easy to imagine how many lives could have been saved had Hydroxychloroquine not been disgustingly attacked by those in power.

As soon as Trump suggested that Hydroxychloroquine could be an effective cure-like treatment for COVID-19, Big Media, Big Tech, and the medical “experts” viciously attacked him because it’s not “FDA-approved” in the United States.

Big Tech companies like Facebook and YouTube began censoring anyone who would even remotely suggest the antimalarial drug could be effective in treating the coronavirus.

Regardless of countless studies proving Hydroxychloroquine to be an effective drug to treat Malaria, with few to no side effects, the establishment absolutely demonized it as well as Trump for suggesting it.

However, despite their opposition, Trump continued to promote the drug as it can only improve COVID symptoms and will not hurt the vast majority of people who take it.

It begs the question – why’d they do it? Why would so-called experts, politicians, and media pundits want to shut down a therapeutic drug that is essentially a “cure”?

We may never know the answer to that question, but it does seem to reek of ulterior motives, perhaps related to Big Pharma.

It goes against the financial interests of medical bureaucrats and Big Pharma to promote Hydroxychloroquine, no matter how many lives it could have saved.

If there was a cure-like drug that could prevent infection and increase survival rate, then there would be no need to look any further for other pharmaceutical drugs, nor would it be as urgent to produce a vaccine.