I should really rethink the title of this article…

Given Hunter Biden’s sexual appetites for prostitutes, strippers, and his brother’s widow, “look who baby boy Biden was in bed with” could mean all kinds of things.

However, in this case, it has to do more with whom he was doing business than who he chose to lay with in a Biblical sense.

We all know the story by now.

Hunter Biden got a job sitting on the board of a Ukrainian energy company, Burisma Holdings, when his dad was the Vice President and was in charge of American dealings in the area.

This board job was lucrative, with rumors that he was making anywhere between $50,000 – $86,000 per month for his role in the company.

To put this in perspective, that’s more than almost EVERY single board member of EVERY Fortune 500 company makes.

Seriously, it’s a lot of dough for somebody that has ZERO experience in the energy sector. His only real asset seemed to be his familial connection to the most powerful government on the planet.

Was nepotism at play?


A conflict of interests?

Again, very likely, but we won’t really know…

Because there’s no proof.

Hunter Biden And His Criminal Friends

However, that doesn’t mean that having Vice President Joe Biden’s son on your board of directors didn’t come with a few perks for Burisma.

Of particular advantage was exclusive access to the “Big Guy,” who wielded enough power to make problems like a motivated Ukrainian prosecutor’s investigation go away.

However, there is no proof that Biden intervened on his son’s behalf…

But it sure looks bad for the current President of the United States, isn’t it?

But do you know what’s an even worse look?

When the son who worked for the company that was being investigated by the Ukrainian government was also working with Ukrainian criminals that were considered dangerous by the United States.

You see, new emails, texts, and interviews reveal that Hunter and his business partner actually engaged in an effort to assist a CRIMINAL Ukrainian oligarch that was indicted by his father’s administration.

Ladies and gentlemen… you can’t make this stuff up.

Baby Boy Biden and associate Devon Archer tried to assist Dmitri Firtash, one of Ukraine’s RICHEST businessmen, back in 2015, after they were contacted by one of the criminal’s underlings. Hunter was asked to use his connections to his father to get a meeting to sort the whole mess out.

The emails and text messages show that an intermittent effort was made by both Biden and Archer to assist Firtash by bringing him in contact with various State Department officials, including then-Secretary of State John Kerry and then-Deputy Secretary Tony Blinken, who is now President Biden’s top diplomat.

The digital record also shows that Hunter and Archer’s primary contact with the Firtash camp was a former Ukrainian government official named Hares Youssef, a lifelong friend of the billionaire oligarch.

The End Of Biden’s “Good” Name?

This is DAMNING information…

And if this gets the attention of the American mainstream media, it could turn out very badly for both Hunter and his dad.

We knew there was more to the is Ukraine story than met the eye…

And now we know that it goes deeper than we could have ever imagined.

If this is what the Biden family did before they held the highest office in the land…can you imagine what they’ll do when they’re holding all the cards?

This is bad…

If this is the kind of corruption that sits in our White House, then Americans need better.

We had it in Donald Trump…

It’s just too bad that not enough people recognized it.

This story isn’t over yet, though…

So, cross your fingers, patriots. We could be in for a hell of a ride.


“Nepotism sometimes can be a lose-lose situation.” – Vikram Chatwal