Here is a funny joke: Hunter Biden claims that the now-infamous laptop might be his.

Gee…you don’t say. It MIGHT be his?

If you believe that laptop wasn’t Hunter’s, I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

Over the weekend, Hunter, the ever-present thorn in Joe Biden’s side, was interviewed by CBS News, and in that interview, Hunter Biden claimed that he didn’t know if the infamous laptop that the New York Post reported about during the fall of 2020 was his with 100 percent certainty.

The CBS interviewer asked Hunter if the laptop was his and after Hunter said it “certainly could be,” she dropped the line of questioning.

A good, unbiased reporter would have followed up by challenging Hunter’s statement, citing the following information reported by the New York Post:

“We have the receipts to show he dropped the MacBook off at a Wilmington repair shop on April 12, 2019. There is his distinctive signature on the repair docket which tallies with signatures on his driver’s license and other documents. There is his personal cellphone number on the docket.”


Kind of an important few details left out of the interview…don’t you think?

Hunter Biden was being interviewed about his new memoir, in which describes his life and his battle with addiction to drugs.

Now, my hat’s s off to him for confronting addiction. Addiction is a horrible thing and anyone who escapes it deserves congratulations, but Hunter tries to play the victim card instead of taking the blame for his actions.

Just because one is a former addict doesn’t absolve them for the things they do when they are in their active addiction.

Hunter Biden is clearly the spoiled son of a famous politician who has no discernable talent other than being a jerk and riding the coattails of his presidential father.

Both the book and the interview also conveniently left out details about one of his daughters, who he fathered with a stripper and then tried to deny was his.

Hunter is also a man that dated his dead brother’s wife…which is kind of weird.

He likewise didn’t mention the Secret Service stepping in to protect him from a gun charge after his brother’s widow threw his gun into a trash can near a school. When the gun disappeared, the Secret Service covered it up by going to the store where the gun was purchased, confiscating any records of Hunter’s purchase of the gun in case it was used in a crime.

Imagine if Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka, or any of Donald Trump’s other kids had done even one of the things I just mentioned. They would be in jail and the media would tear them to shreds.

Hunter Biden is only relevant because of his father. That is why Big Tech’s censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story during the presidential campaign was such an egregious act. The laptop’s hard drive implicated the “big man,” which it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to discover was a reference to Joe Biden.

Big Tech actively interfered in the presidential election on the behalf of their favorite candidate but didn’t censor posts that claimed that Biden’s laptop was Russian “disinformation” which was discredited within days of the Post’s story by the intelligence community.

Baby Boy Biden will never be forced to answer for his actions because journalism in America is dead.

We now have a propaganda press that is an enemy of the truth. The truth is whatever headline will help Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Hunter Biden is just the latest example of this. It must be nice to be a spoiled politician’s son because you never have to face the repercussions for your actions.

That’s a good gig if you can get it. Not many can.