Creedence Clearwater Revival was an incredibly influential band. They wrote some of the most well-known hits of the 60s and 70s, like “Proud Mary,” “Bad Moon Rising,” and “Born on the Bayou,” just to name a few.

What makes them even more amazing is the fact that CCR only really lasted about four years together before tensions started to tear the band apart. They produced albums that became the soundtrack of an entire era all in the course of FOUR years.

Breakups like CCR’s seem to happen a LOT when bands become very successful very early in their career. But while we’ll miss the great music that could have been, we always get to celebrate the catalog of songs that they recorded in their brief time together.

However, if you were to point to ONE song that both encapsulate CCR and sums up the cultural era they performed in, it’d be hard to argue against their 1969 antiwar anthem “Fortune Son.”

This song was so good and so influential that bands have been remaking it for years.

With its message of the elite taking precedence over the small folks—especially when it comes to military service—it hit America at the right place at the right time during the heart of the Vietnam War.

Fortunate Son struck a chord with America, and it’s for this reason (plus the fact that their songs have appeared in almost EVERY Vietnam movie ever made) that the band and their music have really never gone away.

The year is 2020—over 50 years since those great songs were recorded—and we’re still talking about them today…

But that may be because we have the perfect example of “Fortune Sons” so prominent in America’s public eye.

The Song Has Never Held More Weight Than Now

We have Trump’s boys, Eric and Donald Jr. (Barron gets a pass since he’s not old enough to be a Fortunate Son yet)…

And we have Hunter Biden, who, like the song says, is a real-life “Senator’s son.”

Now, Joe Biden’s oldest son Beau, who passed away in 2015, seems to have gotten all the good genes in the family. Hunter, on the other hand, got a touch of the “bad apple” DNA. For some reason, he’s always seemed to have a nose for trouble.

However, if you want to narrow down Hunter’s worst years, we simply have to look back over the past seven years of his life (with a focus on TWO in particular) to see that Hunter’s lifestyle could be Creepy Joe’s proverbial Achilles heel.

Think about this…

In 2014, he got kicked out of the US Navy Reserves for drug use. Now, Hunter CLAIMS he was outside of a bar and he bummed a cigarette from two unidentified gentlemen, then felt strangely amped up after that. He blames the positive drug test on a random stranger’s cocaine-laced cigarette.

Likely? Probably not. Plausible? Yeah, it COULD happen. Either way, he was discharged from the Navy—not dishonorably, but it easily could and SHOULD have been were it not for Hunter’s “Fortunate Son” status.

If it WERE an accident though, why were cocaine and a crack pipe found in his rental car shortly after his brother’s death in 2016? Now, we get it, he was dealing with a loss – but that doesn’t explain why he wasn’t charged for possession…

But again, we know why that didn’t happen, don’t we?

Things Take A Turn For The Tragically Weird

Shortly after that, Hunter divorced his wife and started dating his late brother’s widow, Hallie Biden. Talk about twisted. Imagine leaving your family for your brother’s widow—and getting your parent’s blessing for it all the way.

But it gets even worse from there.

After that, Hunter fathered a child with a stripper—a stripper he DENIED even knowing—and was then taken to court for a paternity test, which proved the baby was his.

That child is going to have a tough road to hoe.

To top it all off, he then left Hallie and married his current wife after dating her for just six days.

And during this ALL, he flew around the world with his father, making deals in the Ukraine and China and allegedly selling his influence with his father to the highest bidder.

It’s safe to say that Hunter doesn’t make smart decisions – which makes the possibility of him leaving a laptop with a computer repair shop indefinitely VERY plausible.

If Biden loses this election now, he can attribute at least some of it to his wild-living son…

But most of the blame should fall on Old Man Biden for allowing himself to be manipulated into a position where his integrity is questioned by MILLIONS of Americans.

We’ll see where this all leads soon enough…


“It isn’t the original scandal that gets people in the most trouble. It’s the attempted cover-up.” – Tom Petri