Raise your hand if you’re sick and tired of the Left’s double standards.

My hand is up…is yours?

Of course it is. There isn’t ONE aspect of our political world where their double standards don’t rear their ugly heads, so all these raised hands make sense.


We’ve known about their double standards for a long time, but it was TRULY solidified when they impeached Donald Trump for something he didn’t do—even when Joe Biden bragged about ACTUALLY doing it on video.

Remember when Joe Biden boasted to an audience about holding Ukraine over a barrel for a billion dollars if they didn’t fire the prosecutor that was investigating the company Biden’s son worked for?

If you’ve never seen the footage, you should watch it.

This is our president, folks.

This video PROVES that Joe Biden actually did exactly what they accused Trump of doing—but while Biden avoided any consequences, despite this video evidence, Trump was impeached with no evidence besides a misinterpreted phone call.

If you read the actual transcripts of Trump’s now-infamous call with the Ukrainian president, you can see there was never any mention of money or political pressure.

This is just ONE example of the double standards that the mainstream media has fostered between the Right and Left.

But we’re seeing it played out again with the way they’re treating Hunter Biden compared to how they treated the Trump children.

Let’s be honest: Trump’s kids are head and shoulders above Biden’s most visible offspring, Hunter

All of Trump’s kids are successful…every single one.

Not one of them has ever been caught soliciting hookers, high on crack, or sleeping with their sibling’s widow. The same cannot be said for Hunter.

Trump’s kids are well-spoken, well-educated, smart, and, believe it or not, down to earth. They love their dad enough to back him up in whatever he does, and they’ve never embarrassed him either.

However, even taking all of that into account, the mainstream media and entertainment industry still did whatever they could to ridicule them simply for being Trump’s kids.

The worst thing the Trump family has done is getting divorced or going out trophy hunting, yet if you listened to the mainstream media or signed onto social media, then you’d think Don Jr, Eric, Ivanka, Tiffany, and Barron were the spawn of Satan.

On the other hand…you have Hunter Biden.

This is a guy that has used his father’s name to get handed billion-dollar contracts sitting on boards of companies he’s not qualified to work for. Also, as it turns out, he may have left his laptop in a repair shop in a drunken stupor.

In a recent interview with CBS Sunday Morning (the same mainstream media company that did a literal hit job on Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis), Baby Boy Biden talked about his crack cocaine addiction and the things he learned during that difficult season in his life. Among other notable confessions, he stated that he once smoked parmesan cheese because it LOOKED like his drug of choice—and he’s being praised for it.

If you haven’t watched it yet, take a peek:

In this same interview, he talks about the laptop story that came out before the election—and while the contents of that story were decried as Russian misinformation at the time, he now says that the laptop MAY be his.

Of course, this story was literally BURIED by social and mainstream media – but here we are a few months later and he’s actually owning up to it!

But it gets worse…

Now, after that interview, he’s now on the talk show circuit, too! Watch this softball interview he does with Liberal hack Jimmy Kimmel – and if it doesn’t enrage you, then you’re not a Conservative.

Kimmel LITERALLY makes light of all the things that should be taken seriously…and still finds a way to bash Trump and his kids.

What’s wrong with this world?


The double standard that is shown towards the Left is disgusting – and if it were Trump’s kids who were high on crack, bedding their siblings’ spouses, and leaving their laptops with incriminating information laying around, how do you think the mainstream media would be reacting?

And they wonder why the Right is angry?

It’s BS like this that gets our blood boiling.

Good luck to Hunter and his sobriety. I truly hope he can find the peace he needs…but I refuse to accept that he’s somehow a better person than the Trump kids.

This is another false narrative by the Left that I will REFUSE to believe…

And you should too.


“We cannot use a double standard for measuring our own and other people’s policies. Our demands for democratic practices in other lands will be no more effective than the guarantees of those practiced in our own country.” – Hubert H. Humphrey


Editor’s Note:

It really is amazing how people from similar backgrounds can grow up to be TOTALLY different. I bet if you truly looked at the lives of Hunter Biden and the Trump kids, you’d find a lot of similarities. Sometimes similarities are good… sometimes they’re bad. However, with certain innovations, sometimes similarities are EXACTLY what’s needed to push something to the very top. I’m going to share with you a discovery of TWO things that are very similar but also completely different – but BOTH could be offering us the opportunity of a lifetime. Intrigued? If so, follow this link and put your questions to rest.