First of all, let me just say that watching Liberals suck up to Hunter Biden over the past few weeks has been absolutely nauseating.

Watching Jimmy Kimmel practically drool all over Baby Boy Biden made me want to punch my computer screen. That guy is so far Left it makes me almost hope that society breaks apart and all he has to rely on are his wits and skills for survival.

That’s how angry he and his kind make me. I’m literally wishing for a catastrophic event that resets the world to a more primitive time so the soft-as-baby-poo Liberals will have to learn to either fend for themselves or realize what REAL power truly is.

But in our pre-apocalyptic society, Liberals everywhere snuggled up to Hunter Biden like he was the second coming of JFK or something.

And they did so even knowing that the man is one of the worst human beings on the planet.

We have a guy who slept with his dead brother’s widow, smoked a ton of crack (and even admitting he’s smoked parmesan cheese because it looked like crack), solicited more than a few hookers, almost ruined his father’s political career with his board position in Ukraine, has a child with a stripper that he then abandoned, and left his laptop full of damning info at a repair shop in Delaware…

And that’s just the stuff that he’s admitted to doing.

Imagine what we still DON’T know.

Let’s Go To The Score Card

But when Hunter announced that he had a new book coming out detailing his life struggles and accomplishments, the Liberal world welcomed the black sheep of the Biden family with open arms.

And even as Liberals rolled out the red carpet for Baby Boy Biden, many of these people STILL used the opportunity to try and dump on the Trump kids—as if there is some kind of comparison between the two.

Because when you do compare them by going down their lists of individual qualities, all of the Trump kids—including Tiffany—are veritable saints when compared to Biden’s offspring. Of course, that didn’t stop the mainstream media from taking potshots at the family (a family with no history of drugs, prostitutes, or back-alley deals of any kind).

The best part is that we can actually compare Hunter’s RECENT accomplishments with those of the guy who is arguably the most outspoken Trump family member, Donald Trump Jr.

Both men have written books, but the promotion process and public reception of their literary works couldn’t have been more different.

Trump Jr. released Triggered back in 2019 and made it the tippy top of the New York Times Best Seller List upon its debut, selling thousands upon thousands of copies.

Hunter Biden released his book Beautiful Things, which debuted at #5 on Amazon’s Best Seller List only to drop down to #208 in less than a week when it only sold just over 10,000 copies.

It’s Official: Nobody Cares About Hunter Biden

In terms of high-profile book sales, that’s basically nothing.

And yet that didn’t stop Baby Boy Biden from issuing the most hypocritical challenge ever to the Trump family, in which he dared them to get a job or position without using their father’s name or connections.

Again, the hypocrisy of this is absolutely mind-boggling…

Lucky for Baby Boy Biden, DJT Jr had a response for him.

Don Jr tweeted out, “Both me & Hunter Biden obviously benefitted from our famous last names, but unlike him, I never used my dad’s connections to sit on govt. boards or become a swamp lobbyist. Hunter made a career out of selling access to Joe’s taxpayer-funded public office!”

And he also added a video clapping back at Hunter on Rumble—and it’s EPIC!

Oh well…

At least now we know beyond a shadow of the doubt that Baby Boy Biden can’t hold a candle to any of the Trump kids—and we’ve got actual proof that nobody cares about him.

Get ready to see Beautiful Things on the bargain table soon, folks…

But make sure you don’t buy it. Simply laugh as you walk by.


“You’ve already lost the battle if you’re afraid to fight.” – Donald Trump, Jr.


Editor’s Note:

It’s clear that Hunter Biden isn’t a man of vision, but one of corruption. He hasn’t done a thing in his life that didn’t happen because of his father, as outlined by Donald Trump Jr’s video. Innovation isn’t in this man’s vocabulary. However, lucky for us, there are still some out there that quite literally BREATHE innovation—and it offers the rest of us opportunities. The next evolution of batteries is here, and it may be robust enough to choke even Elon Musk. See how this innovation came to be and how it could be an incredible opportunity for you by watching this quick video. Will it be the invention that finally competes with Tesla? Watch and make that decision for yourself! Watch it here.