In this episode, the FreedomWire crew discusses the Atlantic’s recent allegations that Trump called fallen American troops “losers and suckers.” The Left is choosing to believe “anonymous sources” over SIX credible witnesses that say it never happened—and many of those witnesses don’t even like Trump! Was this controversial story proof of Trump’s anti-military attitude, or is it nothing more than a political hit-job right before the election?

The team also covers some of the other major developments from over the weekend, including Trump defunding schools that teach the fictional 1619 Project as fact and his memo calling to end all Critical Race Theory training in government departments. The Left’s attempts to alter historical fact and push race-based hatred are divisive and won’t help to heal the country, and the president is doing something about it. But will it be enough to stop the spread of Leftist control?

Also covered: the Left’s control over education, the merits of homeschooling vs public schools, and why school choice is being called the civil rights issue of this generation.

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