The Left has shot themselves in the foot…

Going into the spring, back at the beginning of the pandemic, the Left had lots of momentum on their side.

For a while, they had Trump on the ropes. Even though there wasn’t a man alive that could have stopped COVID-19 from spreading in the United States, the Left still had the country questioning whether Trump was handling things correctly.

Then, with the death of George Floyd, we went into a June full of protests and unrest. It seemed that the Democrats had all but locked up the presidential election of 2020.

They found a way to finally get to Trump…

They only had to crash the economy and destroy American cities by pushing a false “America is racist” narrative to get it done

But then something weird happened…

Instead of coming up with solutions to the problems that our country was facing, instead of addressing the pandemic and racial tension, they did something worse…

They fed into it.

The Biggest Mistake The Left Has Made So Far

They didn’t try to fix things…

They actively tried to make them worse, thinking they could benefit from it—and Americans (at least the rational ones) watched this first hand.

Democrat leaders acted like children that got rewarded for acting out. They figured that, if they kept going with the unacceptable behavior, they would continue to get rewarded.

A parent will do that once, often just to shut the kid up, but when the kid continues to act out, they wind up needing to learn their lesson—which often comes as a swat across the backside.

Something tells me that’s exactly what the Left is going to get in November when America teaches them that lesson.

Destroying and weakening our country should not be the cost for their power-grab, and the 2020 election will reflect it.

This goes DOUBLE for those places that have seen vandalism, violence, and destruction. The residents of those cities and states have had it and are starting to see the extended riots and lockdown lunacy for what they are: an attempt to defeat Trump in November.

Even in places like New York City.

Liberals Are DESTROYING Lives – Literally AND Figuratively

Maybe you saw recently that some patriots decided to paint a mural on the street like Bill de Blasio did—except this one didn’t read “Black Lives Matter.” Instead, it read, “F**k Cuomo And de Blasio”…

And who can blame citizens for saying what’s on everyone’s mind?

Did you see the latest statistic out of The Big Apple?

According to the New York Post, “Nearly 90 percent of New York City bar and restaurant owners couldn’t pay their rent in August, heightening the continued crush the coronavirus shutdown has inflicted on Gotham’s economy.”

Nearly 90%…

That’s a HUGE number.

All because of an extended lockdown that was meant to “flatten the curve” to ensure that hospitals don’t get overrun. That was supposed to last for 14 days…but that was over six months ago.

We did that…

But states like New York, California, and Michigan are holding their citizens hostage, yet they’ve tried to blame Trump for their own mistakes.

It’s absolutely mindboggling.

But when they’re all screaming at the sky after November 3rd and wondering how it all could have gone so bad so fast…

All they’ll have to do is look back to June, July, and August and they’ll understand why America went Red.

They did it to themselves…

But they’ll probably blame it on racism, sexism, homophobia, and bigotry like the always do.

Wanna bet?


“It is not power that corrupts but fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it.” – Aung San Suu Kyi