This upcoming election may be the absolute weirdest presidential vote we’ve had in the history of the United States.

Not only will the vote be coming on the heels of a global pandemic, but people will also be choosing between two of the most diametrically-opposed candidates imaginable.

Trump is a loud, brash outsider…

Biden is experienced, polished, and a part of the establishment.

But where Trump only seems to be getting wittier and quicker as the years go by, Biden seems to be hanging on by a thread.

But maybe that’s being too generous. Saying he’s hanging on by a thread isn’t accurate. His thread was cut years ago, and he just doesn’t realize that he’s falling.

It is CLEAR to anybody with half a brain that Joe Biden is absolutely in cognitive decline.

He’s so far off from where he was when he was vice president that it’s not even funny. Nearly 12 years ago, he helped Barack Obama run for the presidency with great success…but now this it’s his turn, Biden is falling flat.

The State Of Creepy Joe

It’s actually kind of sad to see.

Inappropriate behavior towards women and children aside, Joe Biden is in terrible shape to even be running for president, let alone actually doing the job of one.

Both sides know this.

That’s why it’s become almost a running joke that, when you cast a vote for Joe Biden this November, you’re casting a vote for his Vice President. The odds of him making it through all four years as Commander-in-Chief are slim to none, and whoever his Number Two is will likely have to step up at some point.

We see a man falling apart quite literally before our eyes.

There’s no way he’ll be able to withstand the pressure of a debate with Trump, much less the pressures of the job of being the leader of the free world.

The worst part is that Biden KNOWS this.

But instead of bowing out and letting somebody more capable become the DNC nominee, Biden is soldiering on. However, he’s tried to ease those concerns by already declaring that he most likely won’t seek reelection, especially if his health declines any further.

The 77-year old Biden has also referred to himself as a “transition candidate,” believing that he could be a bridge to future leadership. But if that’s the case, why is he trying to become the president now when that leadership is already prepared to take front and center?

Now, while Biden hasn’t completely ruled out running for a second term (assuming he somehow wins in November), the fact that he’s even SAYING this should make the entire Democratic Party’s ear’s perk up.

They need to honestly ask themselves about Biden’s chances of making it for years. Should they bet the farm on a man that it’s obvious mental decline just because they want to win? How long does Biden really have in him?

One year? Two? Maybe three at the most?

It’s hard to say, but it’s clear to almost everyone that he won’t make it the full four.

And if by some miracle he does, his brain won’t be in the best of condition.

If they thought Trump was a handful when it comes to foreign relations, can you imagine what a loose cannon like Biden would do in the White House? Even before his cognitive decline started, he wasn’t exactly stable. Think of what could happen NOW!

The outcome could be DISASTROUS!

What Would Joe Do With His Time In Office?

Imagine if Biden starts sniffing the hair of the children of some foreign dignitary. Imagine if he made off-color comments to the wife of an important political ally. And can you even imagine what he might try with some of the White House aides?

Not for nothing, but there’s no guarantee that Biden’s VP pick will be the future leader he envisions. That’s why he may have a plan in place to put multiple youthful Dems into those coveted Cabinet positions. He’s trying to elevate their name and status and present America with a cherry-picked gaggle of future Dems.

We’ve already seen him setting this up by putting Beto O’Rourke in charge of his gun control plan and appointing AOC as head of his Climate Change agenda.

But who knows…

Again, if by some miracle, Creepy Joe wins, he may LIKE the power he’ll wield as president and decide to shock everyone with another run at the age of 81.

Maybe winning would give him the shot of adrenaline needed to reignite the spark of life and reverse his cognitive decline.

I mean, we are talking about him winning the presidency, so if we’re talking fantasies, it could just happen.

If Jack grew beans into giant beanstalks, maybe Biden can win the election in November and be the best president we’ve ever had.

And we all live happily ever after…


“If you ask what is the single most important key to longevity, I would have to say it is avoiding worry, stress and tension. And if you didn’t ask me, I’d still have to say it.” – George Burns