If we’ve said it once we’ve said it a thousand times: the Left would be lost without their hypocrisy.

What’s funny is that the Left’s hypocrisy may be more responsible for me becoming a Conservative than anything anyone ever taught me. Once my eyes were opened to the fact that constantly do and say all the bad things they accuse others of doing, I could no longer in good conscience support a party with so many contradicting ideals.

Of course, the fact that the party is all about control and actively fights to limit freedoms was probably the biggest reason to give the Left the cold shoulder.

They’re incredible at talking the talk, but they are the absolute worst at walking the walk.

They’ll point the finger to condemn people for doing something and then go right out and do it themselves when no one is looking.

Take, for example, Gavin Newsom telling the people of California to stay at home and shelter indoors during the pandemic, only to attend a dinner party at a swanky restaurant where no one was wearing a mask or social distancing.

It’s incredible just how far the Left will take their hypocrisy, and we’re witnessing it right now with the Leftist outcry against GOP House Members and Senators who voted against certifying Biden’s Electoral College win.

Hypocrisy Of The HIGHEST Order

They’re calling them “traitors,” “slanderers,” and “insurrectionists” simply because they argue the election wasn’t fair and doubt the outcome was what the Left and mainstream media claimed.

Even worse, Democrats now trying to take action against all these GOP members, calling on them to resign and drafting legislation to remove them from Congress.

All that would be fine—if Democrats weren’t guilty of doing the same thing MULTIPLE times over the past 20 years.

In actuality, Democrats have done this EVERY time a Republican has won a presidential election since the turn of the century.

In 2001, House Dems challenged the certification of George W. Bush for reasons they never really put to words—but their effort failed because not ONE senator would agree to sign the written objection.

Maxine Waters said, “The objection is in writing, and I do not care that it is not signed by a member of the Senate.”

Here’s a video of it:

That was the first time in the 21st Century…

The second time happened in 2005, when W. won re-election…but unlike in 2001, the House Dems were able to get a Senator on board. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, a Rep from Ohio, and Barbara Boxer, a Senator from California, got together to challenge Bush’s victory in Ohio.


Because there were “alleged voter irregularities.” Sound familiar?

Again, the effort failed.

Then, it obviously happened a third time in 2017, when the Left was convinced that Russia helped Trump win the presidency—but once again, their objection failed because they had no support in the Senate.

Three times in 20 years.

Three times these hypocritical sheep (yeah, I said it) have tried to contest the election, but now they want to make objecting a punishable offense?

They Wonder Why The Right Is Angry?

This is why Americans on the Right are so angry.

We watch the Left’s actions, we hear their words, and we see that they don’t have any correlation. They try to destroy people for doing something they themselves have done or are doing.

It’s infuriating because they don’t care about their hypocrisy.

It’s angering because their hypocrisy is only about ONE thing: gaining or keeping power.

That’s not the reason America was established.

Our government exists to ensure that PEOPLE have the power, not officials thousands of miles away who have a propensity to act like tyrants.


I have made it a mission to call this power grubbing hypocrisy out whenever I see it, and I would encourage you all to do the same.

It’s easier than you think…

And it’s actually pretty satisfying.


“A hypocrite is the kind of politician who would cut down a redwood tree, then mount the stump and make a speech for conservation.” – Adlai Stevenson I