Any ounce of freedom left in Hong Kong is dissipating under the Beijing Biden-Harris Administration.

Biden claimed he would be “tough” on China and has expressed concern for the CCP’s disregard of the “one country, two systems” policy between China and Hong Kong, but his actions have proved otherwise.

Over the weekend, Hong Kong police arrested 55 pro-democracy activists and lawmakers. Of those, 47 were charged with conspiracy to commit subversion in accordance with China’s 2020 national security laws, according to the Associated Press.

This comes after the advocates were initially detained in January but were later released following their participation in unofficial election primaries for Hong Kong’s government.

The national security laws with which the 47 detainees are being charged for violating made it illegal to protest against the CCP, which is a freedom the territory has long maintained under British provisions.

However, these individuals were reportedly the last remaining pro-freedom activists who were yet to be jailed in Hong Kong.

Most notably included in the arrest was pro-democracy media mogul Jimmy Lai, who owns Hong Kong’s biggest newspapers opposing the CCP.

Hong Kong law enforcement said their participation in the election was a conspiracy to undermine state power, AP reported.

The mass arrest comes as hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Hong Kong citizens are attempting to flee the country to Britain amid the CCP’s crackdown on the territory.

Just last month, five million citizens of the semi-autonomous zone became eligible to apply for British visas, which allows them to move to the U.K. with a pathway to citizenship.

It is estimated that hundreds of thousands more will request residency in Britain after 7,000 moved there last year before Hong Kong as the world knew it became unrecognizable under Beijing’s rule.

The Biden Administration has yet to comment on the anti-Democracy arrests.

Will they follow through on their word to oppose China’s takeover of a territory that once enjoyed freedom and democracy? Or will they cave to Chinese President Xi?

For the sake of maintaining Western ideals in Asia, Biden must take strong action against China to deter the authoritarian regime.