In a continuation of the Chinese Communist Party’s complete takeover of Hong Kong, police have arrested another journalist who was formerly the senior editor of Apple Daily, a free speech outlet founded by Jimmy Lai.

Hong Kong police arrested Lam Man-Chung, 51, in connection with dissenting against mainland China and its recently-imposed “national security laws,” which make it illegal for the people of Hong Kong to criticize Beijing.

Although Apple Daily closed its doors officially in June, Lam Man-Chung is just the latest of many former employees of the outlet to be arrested on suspicion of conspiring to collude with foreign forces to endanger national security.

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) slammed Chinese President Xi as a “coward” for continuing to imprison pro-democracy journalists.

“Chairman Xi is a coward – too afraid of what might happen if a pro-democracy newspaper tells the truth about his Communist Party,” Sasse said in a press release on Wednesday, according to The Hill.

“We have a duty to shine a light on these arrests so the world knows about the truth-telling heroes at Apple Daily,” he added.

After the CCP raided Apple Daily in June, confiscating computers and ultimately shutting down the newsroom, Sasse introduced a bill to award its employees with the Congressional Gold Medal for standing their ground and working to advance democracy.

“The men and women who ran Apple Daily are heroes,” said Sasse. “Let’s be clear about why they just ran their last issue: Their defense of free thought and speech made them scary to the Chinese Communist Party.”

“They courageously stood up to kangaroo courts and told the truth,” the senator continued. “The Apple Daily journalists exposed Chairman Xi as a man afraid of the people he seeks to hold down. The free world owes them our gratitude and the least we can do is award them the Congressional Gold Medal.”

Despite worldwide calls on the CCP to end their crackdown on free speech, Beijing remains as determined as ever to wipe out any hint of dissent.