Are we about to see another rat caught in the trap?

The most fascinating thing about a rat in a trap is that they’ll do anything to get out.

If something is blocking its egress, a rat will bite, scratch, and claw its way through whatever object is keeping it contained, or else wear itself out in the attempt.

Human rats are no different…

If you trap a human rat, they will do whatever they can to avoid being trapped, finding a way out of their predicament by any means necessary.

It’s why, in the organized crime world, rats are looked on as disgusting and vile. Anyone that would turn on their own to get out of trouble is no better than the actual namesake vermin.

It happens in politics and white-collar crime as well…

Once somebody gets caught doing something illegal, you can bet they’ll drag a lot more people down with them

Is that going to be the case for Ahmad “Andy” Khawaja?

Well, let’s start by explaining who Andy Khawaja actually is.

A Billionaire Gone Bad

He’s the CEO and Founder of Allied Wallet, a digital wallet platform. He’s also a former model, a billionaire, and a HUGE donor to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

If you think you’ve heard the name before, it’s probably because of his involvement with businessman and child sex abuser George Nader.

You may recall that, back at the end of 2019, unsealed court documents showed that Nader was charged with violating campaign finance laws and falsifying records—all while using Khawaja as a front to hide the fact that Nader sent over $3.5 million to organizations supporting Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign.


Recently, Khawaja was detained in Lithuania for his involvement with Nader and the $3.5 million transfer, and it may be the break we need in busting the TRUE Russia collusion case wide open.

The charges against him, according to the Department of Justice, are as follows:

“Khawaja has agreed with an adviser to foreign governments in the Middle East to make more than $3.5 million USD illegal campaign contributions and transferred these illegal contributions to various political committees in support of a specific US presidential candidate in 2016 elections in order to gain access to and influence the candidate.

In addition, Khawaja entered into a fictitious licensing agreement, handed over hundreds of thousands of dollars to six friends and accomplices, and ordered them to illegally donate money on their behalf to a U.S. presidential candidate he supported. This allowed him to exceed the legally limited contribution limits and created an incorrect report on the actual source of contributions.”

Do you know who that candidate was?

If your guess involved a former First Lady with a penchant for wearing pantsuits, you’d be on the right track.

His Defense? Deny, Deny, Deny…

Of course, Khawaja is denying this…

In fact, he’s been saying that the only reason he’s being targeted is that he has “inside information” on Trump, telling Lithuanian courts that the case against him was politically motivated and only came to attention when President Trump began his re-election campaign.

Earlier this year, Khawaja said he was aware of tens of millions of dollars being illegally transferred to Trump’s election campaign from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in exchange for a tough stance on Iran.

Apparently, all this was told to him by convicted pedophile and child rapist George Nader before he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his crimes (not long enough if you ask us), so you can take that information for all it’s worth.

Khajawa isn’t even a trapped rat at this point…

But he feels the walls closing in around him, and he’s trying EVERYTHING to see what will ensure him an escape route.

He’ll do and say anything to give him more time outside.

This is how it starts…

This is how the ball gets rolling…

This is how we get justice.

Get ready….

This is only the beginning.


“By gnawing through a dike, even a rat may drown a nation.” – Edmund Burke