Attorney General William Barr has been unfairly maligned by the Democrat-media complex.

Even before the release of the Mueller report, the media were castigating Barr and accusing him of being a Trump stooge.

That is an unfair assessment of Barr, who has played this whole process by the book.

The attorney general is in a tough spot: On the one hand, he serves at the pleasure of the president; on the other hand, he has to be seen as following the letter of the law.

No matter what he does, he can’t win.

Before Barr held his press conference, the Democrats and their media allies were perpetuating a false narrative against him.

They claimed that Barr was protecting the president, and that he was calling the press conference ahead of the report’s release so he could spin the report in favor of President Trump.

Headlines this morning are not kind to the attorney general. A few notable headlines include: “Democrats aim fury at Attorney General Bill Barr’s handling of Mueller report;” “Robert Mueller

Made One Mistake: He trusted Bill Barr;” and “The Obstruction Case Against Trump that Barr Tried to Hide.”

Bill Barr has been as transparent as he can be by law. He offered a summary of the report to Congress and the public within two days of Mueller’s submission of the report.

That wasn’t good enough for the media. Renato Mariotti at Politico wrote:

“Now that we have seen almost the entire report of more than 400 pages, we know Barr intentionally misled the American people about Mueller’s findings and his legal reasoning. As a former federal prosecutor, when I look at Mueller’s work, I don’t see a murky set of facts. I see a case meticulously laid out by a prosecutor who knew he was not allowed to bring it.”

If Mueller felt that a crime had occurred, then he could have recommended an indictment — he chose not to do so. Barr wasn’t misleading the public. It was the truth; Mueller didn’t recommend obstruction charges.

After the release of the summary, the attorney general could have stopped and not gone any further. However, he didn’t.

He felt the public deserved to read the report.

He took his time to decide what he could disclose. He decided to redact four categories: grand jury information, sources and methods, information that would impair other investigations, and protecting the privacy of third parties.

These are all reasonable things to redact. He has an obligation to protect the privacy of individuals and to protect national security information.

However, Democrats are calling for the release of the entire report.

House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said on Thursday that he plans to subpoena the full, unredacted version of the report.

Apparently, Democrats don’t care about the privacy rights of individuals.

Nadler said, “The attorney general deciding to withhold the full report from Congress is regrettable, but not surprising. Even in its incomplete form, the Mueller report shows disturbing evidence that President Trump obstructed justice.”

Nadler must not have watched Barr’s press conference yesterday, because he said that he will be sending an unredacted version of the report to committee leaders. He says grand jury information will remain redacted as required by law.

Nadler is encouraging Barr to break the law.

Keep in mind, Bill Barr was under no legal obligation to release any of the report. He did so, and yet he is being unfairly maligned for the way he has handled the case.

Democrats need to get off his back. He has done an admirable job.